Breath of the Wild Pro HUD Mode Discovered

Breath of the Wild Pro HUD 2

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch now under a month away, we will soon be able to get our hands on the highly anticipated Breath of the Wild, a launch day title. There has been a steady trickle of information regarding the Link’s latest adventure, and yesterday, YouTuber Gehab discovered that within the options menu there is “Pro” mode for the HUD (heads-up display) that removes the minimap, controls mapped to the directional buttons, and temperature/sound gauges. What remains after activating the Breath of the Wild Pro HUD mode are the stamina wheel gauge and your health-hearts. Check out the footage for yourself here, and compare it to the image below.

Breath of the Wild Pro HUD

The Breath of the Wild Pro HUD mode is a welcome addition to a game that is already going a long way in helping to ship Nintendo Switch consoles. For those of us who prefer an immersive gaming experience unhindered by sometimes cluttered visual displays, this mode will be ideal, as well as allowing such players to take clearer screenshots of what will be an undoubtedly vast, gorgeous, and vastly gorgeous landscape. What do you think of this inclusion? Will you be playing in Pro HUD mode, or with the normal display? Let us know in the comments below.