Breath of the Wild Sales Number Just Under 200k Physical Copies on the Switch in Japan

Breath of the Wild Sales

According to Famitsu, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sales number 193,060 copies in Japan between March 3-5. These are only the numbers for physical copies of the game. As well as this, the Nintendo Switch has sold 330,637 units over the same time period. This means that, not including any digital sales, Breath of the Wild had a 58% attach rate on the Switch. For comparison, Skyward Sword sold 194,894 in its first week, and Ocarina of Time sold 386,234 also in the first week. Twilight Princess, the only other Zelda game to release alongside a new Nintendo console, the Wii, sold 145,068 in its first week.

These numbers bode well for the success for the latest Zelda game, especially considering it sold more than Twilight Princess after not even its first week at sale. An odd statistic is the 58% attach rate. While we still don’t have the digital sales numbers, many thought that people buying a Switch would invariably pick up Breath of the Wild as well. What do you think of these sales numbers? Does it indicate success for the console as well as the game? Or is it not enough to support what some consider an already ailing platform? Let us know what you think of these Breath of the Wild sales numbers in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Breath of the Wild Sales Number Just Under 200k Physical Copies on the Switch in Japan

    1. Yep. And it’s definitely happening. Our FedEx driver preordered a Switch and put it online for $500 and sold it right away.
      Once the reselling finally stops(aka when Nintendo meets store stock demand), the games will then be purchased.

      I’m sure the Zelda sales still have a lot coming this next few weeks.

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