Brief Admiration of Final Fantasy XV’s Environmental Detail


This deserves a piece for itself. While it may not be news, per se, it does heavily relate to the epic that Final Fantasy XV is trying to cover. During the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV live blog and event in Los Angeles, the team at Square Enix revealed a number of stunning backdrops and environmental details. Given the incredible vastness that XV is proposing, it seemed entirely fitting that the team dedicated some presentation time on the environments themselves, which look not only incredibly stunning, but well-detailed.

Early into the stream, Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork took prominence, and the team spent moments discussing how his 2D artwork was rendered into an incredible 3D image. Images that can easily serve as backdrops or high definition desktop wallpapers. Some examples of the backdrops provided are below:

Screenshot (65)

Screenshot (66)

While some of the artwork had an eerie feeling to it, I cannot deny the incredible depth that Amano put into his work. Not only are the backdrops vibrant, but they represent just what makes Final Fantasy so special as a franchise — their element of mythical, the element that takes players on a journey. When the stream showed just how these images were rendered, it blew me away because the process was so consuming.

Just a short while later, the team at Square Enix unveiled a trailer, one called Environmental Details: Final Fantasy XV. YouTube user XCageGame was incredibly quick on the uptake to record and upload a YouTube video of the environmental details trailer. You can check it out below:

When the trailer landed, my jaw dropped. The visuals are so unbelievable, and represent just how far gaming has gone; from the early barely polygon models to these fully-rendered 3D environments that look incredibly realistic. It was incredible, to say the least. Final Fantasy XV is shaping up to be an incredible game, and after so many years in development, it is thrilling to see the team’s work come to fruition. Well done, Square Enix. You’ve brought back a little faith into these games.