Bungie Bounty Reveals Changes in Destiny 2 for Season 3


It has been a little over a week since update 1.1.4 and Bungie has answers prepared for eager fans who want to what is next for Destiny 2. During the Bungie Bounty stream earlier this week, Josh Hamrick, Sandbox Design Lead, and Kevin Yanes, Senior Crucible Designer, addressed some questions from the Destiny community.

Many of the changes are inspired by Destiny 1. However, Hamrick mentioned that both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 are not perfect and by comparing and contrasting the two, Destiny 2 can become better. With the most recent “Go Fast” update, Bungie reincorporated movement style like Destiny 1. Now, if your character’s Mobility is above 5, the overall speed is higher than in Destiny 1. Air Acceleration has returned to Destiny 1 values as well.

No new Crucible modes have been talked about yet, but update 1.2.0 in May will bring Private Matches. Also, Rumble may become permanent instead of cycling in every other week. Changes we will see soon are Rumble with six players and Iron Banner as 6v6 without zones A and B auto-captured. In the near future, we may see Seasonal Crucible Rank system which will give a reason to play and earn rewards for performance or time commitment.

Additionally, one of the most prominent questions from the Destiny community is about weapons with random rolls. Finding a god-roll gun was what kept so many fans on their toes about Destiny 1. Hamrick’s answer did not reveal much about this except that they understand fans need more reasons to play. Also, TTK is another concern for players since it is not fast enough. With the next Sandbox update, exotic weapons are expected to get a buff. In general, weapons will become more lethal.

Other major changes with weaponry, subclasses, elements, or classes are likely to come during Year 2. Many players are not happy with the weapon slot set up. Hamrick claimed that Bungie is developing a new slot system for the future of Destiny 2 which we will learn more about in the summer. However, DeeJ mentioned that there will be a stream later this month that will discuss new content for expansion 2.