Bungie’s Live Stream Gave an Overview of Destiny 2: Forsaken


Bungie’s live stream today revealed some very interesting tidbits information regarding the new major expansion, Forsaken. The game will take place on the Reef with a landscape that is different from any world so far in the series.

forsakenThe story starts off at the Tangled Shore, a lawless area with astroids anchored to one another. Since Cayde-6 has been filling the Prison of Elders with the worst enemies in our solar system, him and our character will now have to deal with a prison break. There will be new enemies to fight, called the Scorn, which are from a powerful Fallen House. Although these enemies are also Fallen, they are quite different from traditional Fallen enemies. We will also fight the Barons, eight dangerous enemies who have escaped the Prison.

Forsaken will introduce a new weapon type, a bow and arrow. There are short, medium, and long-range bows that have the ability to one-shot an enemy and it poses to be deadly in PvE and PvP. Also, update 2.0.0 in Season 4 will bring changes to weapon slots. Players can have a Destiny 1 or Destiny 2 set up, or set it in a new way. Like Destiny 1, random rolls will return to Destiny 2.

Along with the new weapons, players will get new supers that are part of existing subclasses. There are fire knives, a teleporting void super, a hammer tornado, and more.

Also, a new feature called the Collections will come with the 2.0.0 update. There are exotics, weapons, armor, ghosts, vehicles, and vanity item lists that players can go out and collect. Next to Collections will be a page for Triumphs, it tracks the player’s achievements and connects it to records and lore. This grants players more control over what they work for and how they obtain items.


Bungie took the otherworldy landscape one step further with the new raid. The new raid takes place in the Dreaming World, the homeland for the Awoken, which looks enchanted and almost too beautiful to battle in. It is filled with mysteries, hidden corners, puzzles, and more bosses than any raid so far.forsaken

Gambit is the new PvPvE mode that two teams of four will participate in. The teams will be in separate arenas where they must kill enemies and collect motes. Players will bank those motes in their arenas, but another enemy will spawn to block players from cashing in the motes. The round is complete after the boss is summoned and defeated. However, what makes this unique is that a portal will open and allow one player from your arena to invade the other arena and take out those players.

Bungie will be at the Activision booth and Gambit will be available on the show floor for people to play. After E3, Gambit will be available at GuardianCon.

Next week during E3, Bungie will reveal the story of Forsaken. Stay tuned to Gamer Professionals for all the latest updates.