Bungie Updates Roadmap, Warmind Reveal on the Way

bungie roadmap

Season 3 of Destiny 2 is expected to begin on May 8th, which means the second expansion is right around the corner.

Last week, the Bungie Bounty stream went over changes that will come to Destiny 2 in Season 3 and the future. This roadmap, however, reveals a lot more. Some notable changes in PvE are Heroic Strike modifiers which were a crucial part of Heroic Strikes in Destiny, but were missing from Destiny 2. So far only the Prestige Nightfall had challenge cards, and the cards will be applicable to regular Nightfall as well.

In PvP, Crucible rankings will be a completely new addition to the Destiny franchise; it is meant to increase competition and grant another reason to play. Private matches are returning and will be available to all players. New maps in private matches will not be available for those who do not have the second expansion.

bungie roadmap

Other changes include increased vault space and a multi-emote function so players will no longer need to have only one emote equipped. Exotics are getting Masterworks upgrades and tuning.


Along with the roadmap, Bungie officially announced the title of next expansion called Warmind. Players will be introduced to new locations, people, and enemies. May is not far but Bungie has only revealed this teaser image so far. More details will be shown during the reveal stream on April 24 on Twitch.

The revelation of the new roadmap and the concept art has caught the Destiny community’s attention. Many fans are counting on this expansion to deliver a well-executed game so they can truly appreciate Destiny 2.