Bungie Shares New Details About Activities Available in Curse of Osiris

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This week on Twitch, Bungie had their second stream about Curse of Osiris. They discussed new ways to play which includes: Mercury exclusive public event, lost prophecies, strikes, and adventures.

Public Event:

Mercury will have the largest public event Bungie has created so far. The public event that was shared during the stream was called Vex Crossroads.

You must defeat enemies and complete other objectives in order to travel to different phases of the public event and eventually face the boss. The public event can be accessed on patrol. However, the different phases are custom designed solely for the public event which can be unlocked after killing gate keepers, otherwise the custom space cannot be visited.

At the end of the public event, guardians will be rewarded with two loot chests and this public event can then be accessed on heroic mode.

End Game Reward System:

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The Forge is a Vex weapon wall that can be accessed after the campaign is completed at The Lighthouse. Brother Vance will offer us lost prophecies which are quests that will allow us to gain a new weapon from the Forge. There a total of 11 lost prophecy verses so there will be 11 rewards.

Each verse will remain in our inventory until we gather the materials needed for it. Each verse has different requirements, but all materials can be gathered by doing strikes, crucible, and other activities. Once the verse is fulfilled, we will need to return to the Forge and forge a new weapon. These weapons are meant to be a hybrid of Vex and our own technology.


While the two new strikes will be available in the strike playlist, they will first be introduced to us in campaign mode. The strikes will be a part of the main story in Curse of Osiris and can be completed solo when playing it in campaign mode. Then the strike will be featured in the playlist.

There will also be an additional strike playlist for heroic strikes.

Adventures will now be given out by Brother Vance which will allow for more exploration, storytelling, and ways to obtain new weapons.


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Bungie streamed an adventure called “The Up and Up” which took place in the Infinite Forest. The Infinite Forest is a Vex simulation that is constantly changing. Bungie has assembled the Infinite Forest in a way where it will always look different and provide a unique experience every time we enter it with a variety of enemies.

After traveling through a portal to the dark future, the simulation shows that the Vex have won and our Sun is dead. This specific simulation required the players to kill a Fallen Captain to complete the adventure.

Last week Bungie talked about the story, characters, and new raid content. The next stream is on November 28th, the last before the release of Curse of Osiris of December 5th.

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