Things to Keep in Mind Before Bungie’s Warmind Reveal Stream

bungie roadmap

Bungie is unveiling information rapidly before the release of the second DLC for Destiny 2 on May 8. Here are pieces of information gathered from “This Week At Bungie” announcements and the lore Destiny 2 about the Warmind.

Exotic Updates

One modification on Bungie’s roadmap is improving the exotic weapon sandbox. Exotics were a bit lackluster and did not feel as powerful as they were intended to be. These changes will make exotic weapons feel even more exotic.

The developers showcased three examples of exotic weapon modifications. First, there is the Graviton Lance, an exotic pulse rifle that sends off a little explosion after the third shot. This weapon is not everyone’s favorite, but it just might be in Season 3.

This video teases the future of the weapon, which amplifies the use of space, time, and black holes. While the video does not explain how the weapon’s qualities will change exactly, but it definitely showed the damage it can do. After shooting a single enemy, multiple explosions destroyed the entire enemy crew.

Another weapon that hits hard but acted as any other scout rifle was Skyburner’s Oath. Bungie wanted to make this weapon be more of a “spectacle” like the Graviton Lance.

Skyburner’s Oath will be dual-utility, a hard-hitting scout rifle, but it can also send out grenade-like tracking projectiles when hip firing. In close proximity to multiple enemies, the tracking projectiles will be useful and look quite cool.

Lastly, Rat King is already a spectacular sidearm that stacks up power when nearby allies have it equipped. Also, it grants temporary invisibility when reloading right after a kill.

The Rat King will be full auto and the power will stack up if nearby allies have it equipped, stowed, or slotted as their kinetic weapon. In the recent Rat King teaser video, the fireteam shreds the Cabal at the beginning of the Leviathan Raid with only Rat Kings. The developers have hinted that there will be a Masterworks upgrade for this weapon.

Other weapons getting an upgrade in Season 3 are Sturm and Drang. Sturm and Drang work hand-in-hand, the kills with one weapon will reload the other weapon that is stowed. In Season 3, an overloaded Sturm will have a boost in damage of 1.8x. The increased damage allows for 2-tap precision kills in PvP. Drang will have a max-sized magazine and Rampage, a 3-second perk for temporarily increased damage.


To make PvE more challenging and allow players to use their skill with a change in power levels. Enemies will now cap at 50 Power level and when the enemy’s level is much higher than the Guardian, the “??” symbol will display next to their name. This was visible in Destiny since certain areas were guarded by higher level enemies. It added a sense of mystery, threat, and a challenge to fight them. The PvE difficulty tuning will make player progression and rewards more valuable.


To play on new maps in Private Matches, players will need to have the Warmind expansion. All maps from Curse of Osiris and Warmind will be available to all players in matchmaking. Season 3 will have Seasonal Crucible Rankings to increase competition.

Light Level

The soft cap in the Warmind is 340 and the hard cap is 380, not considering a +5 mod. Players can reach Light level 380 by completing weekly events. Clan engrams will not grant much Light level increase, but Raid and Trials will. After 370, reaching 380 is expected to take the same amount of time as going from 340 to 370. The last ten points will require players to participate in end game content.


First off, Warminds are an Artificial Intelligence defense network built during the Golden Age. The first Warmind was Rasputin, a prominent character in the Destiny lore. In Destiny, we find out that Rasputin has spread his network among Warminds on different planets. We first make contact with Rasputin on Cosmodrome and that he is the last Warmind alive.

A grimoire card explains how Rasputin has a mind of his own and his intentions are unclear. He fought against the Collapse and ran much of the military and satellite projects during the Golden Age. Rasputin is everywhere yet he cannot be found. He is sentient, he learns, and he can have complete control over himself.

Enemies, such as Omnigul, have been after Rasputin to take control over his defense network and weaponry. In the Arecibo Adventure in Destiny 2, the Vex were paralyzed by music boxes which hinted towards Rasputin’s defense system. Our alliance with Rasputin would greatly benefit humanity.

Also, one of the dead music boxes had data wiped by someone named Bray. Speculations claimed that Ana Bray, a descendant of Clovis Bray, will be a core part of the Warmind lore.


Here is a look at the roadmap Bungie released earlier this month. Bungie’s Warmind stream will be on April 24.