Call of Duty May Return to its WWII Roots this Year


Though it has not been confirmed, all signs are pointing to Call of Duty returning to its World War II roots. Sledgehammer Games, who worked on Modern Warfare 3 and Advanced Warfare, are up to bat for this year’s installment of the massive shooter franchise. According to their seemingly leaked marketing materials as well as IGN, the game may be titled Call of Duty: WWII.

YouTube channel TheFamilyVideoGamers also received anonymous images of promotional materials and steelbook designs which feature beach landings and WWII-era weapons, clothing, and gear.

We know that Battlefield 1 saw a lot of praise and good reception for its WWI setting, so it makes sense that Call of Duty (its main competitor) would also want to jump back in time. Reception of Infinite Warfare was very mixed, with many fans expressing their continued disinterest to the future setting.

Nothing is confirmed yet and huge franchises like Call of Duty are subject to a lot of fake rumors, but it would make sense for the series to take a step back. Speculation to the shift in setting started back in February when an Activision investor call stated that 2017’s installment would take the series “back to its roots”. Call of Duty was exclusively a WWII game until Call of Duty 4 brought the series to a modern setting in 2007.

Activision have yet to common on this rumor, but the series is known for having Springtime leaks. We’ll be on the lookout for more information.