Calling All Assassin’s Creed Fans: Odyssey Announced!

Way back in the earliest days of the original Assassins Creed Origins leaks, then going by the code name Empire, we were told that this next installment would be part of a new trilogy of games. The settings of those games were as follows: Egypt, Greece, and Rome. When Empire officially became Origins and the location was confirmed as ancient Egypt these leaks seemed to bear some truth especially given the heavy influence of the Greek culture felt in some parts of the actual game. The upper parts of the map just screamed Greece with the culture, NPC’s and more so the architecture.

When Bayek of Siwa’s story concluded chronologically at the end of The Hidden One’s DLC, we as fans turned our gaze past the pyramids, step valleys and beautiful waterways to the future. Today that future became a little clearer when our good friends over at Kotaku broke a story regarding a report coming from the French site JeuxVideoLive. The site confirmed that the next Assassins Creed game would, as earlier rumors suggested, be titled Odyssey and that the game will in fact take place in ancient Greece. The site also claims that Odyssey will in fact be a direct sequel to 2017’s Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Since the end of the scheduled DLC for Origins, rumors have run rampant regarding the next installment in the franchise. Greece as the potential setting has been the most widespread rumor of them all. Origins changed the franchise forever by adding subtle RPG elements like the looting system among others to the Assassins Creed universe. Odyssey apparently ups the ante and goes a step further with an even larger RPG structure including things like Fallout-style dialogue options to the franchise for the first time ever.  The next installment will also rip a page out of Assassins Creed Syndicates play book by adding both a female and a male protagonist, but unlike Syndicate, Odyssey will allow you to choose between the two. Neither of those characters appears to be Bayek or his wife Aya/Amunet.

Ubisoft took 2016 off when it came to a main game in the series, opting to focus on giving us the best game possible. This left us with nothing but Michael Fassbender and Nikolai Orelov to hold us over until October of 2017. With the Fassbender backed-movie and the Chronicles trilogy that featured Orelov performing so poorly it seems that Ubisoft will go back to the annual release cycle. It has been reported that Odyssey will release before March 31, 2019, the end Ubisoft’s 2019 fiscal year. The more likely release window will be the fall of this year, as no other Assassins Creed has released during the spring time frame. We will more than likely find out more at this year’s E3, which is only two weeks away.

From the original leaks of Empire to now, Assassins Creed seems to have rebuilt itself and rose from the ashes of the barn fire that was Assassins Creed Unity. With this seemingly rebirth of the franchise maybe they should consider changing their flagship eagle to that of a phoenix.

Ubisofts Assassins Creed official Twitter just released a teaser video of Assassins Creed Odyssey with the caption See you at E3!! Check the full tweet out here.

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