Capcom Pro Tour NA Regional Finals 2016

Capcom Pro Tour

The Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter V is holding it’s North American Regional Finals at the Red Bull Battle Grounds in Seattle, Washington this weekend. The results of this tournament will reward the top player a spot in the Capcom Pro Tour World Finals this December. This event will feature a meet and greet with top competitors for attendees, the chance to grab merchandise early, opportunities for casual matches, a 512 player open bracket tournament, and the main event of 14 qualifiers featuring two of the qualifiers from the open bracket. Tickets will cost $20 with no additional fee to register for the tournament, if you want to test your skills.Every registrant receives a free t-shirt. Interested? Get your tickets here. That being said, here is a brief look at the history of the Capcom Cup.Capcom Pro Tour

E Sports, otherwise known as professional competitive gaming has recently became much more recognized. Obviously well known games like League of Legends, DOTA and CS:GO have held the spotlight in this field, they weren’t the first games encourage solid team work however they have drawn a much larger crowd of spectators. This extra attention has promoted the idea of a structured competitive league, which in turn increased the audience even more. That aside the Capcom Cup has been around since 2013, helping to spread this exciting end of gaming. Again, this was not the first time competitive gaming was thrust into the lime light, rather another major addition to exposing it to a bigger audience. the 2013 Capcom Cup featured Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken. This tournament only had eight qualifying competitors per game, many of which Capcom specifically invited. If you are interested in the winners listings for each game, check this out.

The next year, 2014, Capcom partnered with Twitch to create an Ultimate Street Fighter IV circuit known as the Capcom Pro Tour. This was a major way to gain a larger audience via streaming and was great exposure for Twitch as well. Capcom instituted a better point system to determine contestants and doubled the amount of competitors to 16, splitting them into four tiers, including an online tournament tier which Capcom removed the following year. Implementing two exhibition matches in Street Fighter IV Omega Mode, which changes how every character plays, was very interesting. To wrap the 2014 Capcom Cup event up, the first reveal of Street Fighter V was shown with a match between’s Mike Ross using Ryu against Capcom’s Peter ‘Combofiend’ Rosas using Chung-Li.

In 2015 Capcom utilized the same rule set as the previous year. This tournament featured Street Fighter V, the newest title of the series. Partnering with Sony made the total pot bonus of this event $500,000. The tournament was doubled from 16 qualifiers to 32 with one spot reserved for the previous year’s champion. Later, in May 2015, Capcom announced a rule stating that if the top four players in a premier event have already qualified, the reserved spot from 2014 would become an open slot. The 2015 Capcom Cup coincided with the PlayStation Experience conference.

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