Capcom Releasing Major Monster Hunter World Update, Including Spring Blossom Fest


Capcom has recently announced their details for the first major update to come to Monster Hunter World. Included in the update is something that veteran players may recognize, the new monster “Deviljho The World Eater”, first seen in Monster Hunter 3. Deviljho will be the new largest monster in the game (with the exception of Zorah Magdaros) also making it one of the toughest. Players who manage to defeat the titan will be rewarded well, with a new weapon for each of the 14 available weapon types becoming available.

Capcom has also announced the Spring Blossom Fest. The festival will change the look of the social hub, decorating it with a floral theme. There will be multiple activities and cosmetic changes for the duration of the festival. The first activity will be an event quest that will allow players to obtain gear for their palico companion and will run from April 13th to April 27th. Capcom has yet to release any other major details as to what different activities will become available for the celebration. The Spring Blossom Fest will fully launch starting April 5th, 5pm PT and will last to April 18th, 5pm PT.

What’s more, the weapons themselves will be tweaked and balanced, meaning improved hitbox recogonition and various bug fixed. Also, players will no longer be able to interrupt other players while they are carving monster parts after a successful hunt. The update is expected to go live on Playstation and Xbox on March 22nd.