Top 5 Nintendo Switch Cyber Weekend Sales

Despite being the Switch’s third Cyber Weekend, this year’s Switch deals are pretty lackluster, with only a few worthwhile grabs spread out among a bunch of box retailers. In an era when digital game sales often dwarf physical sales, it only makes sense that digital sales often provide more inclusive and enticing deals for frugalContinue reading “Top 5 Nintendo Switch Cyber Weekend Sales”

Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

The Logitech G935 is the next iteration that builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Logitech G933 wireless gaming headset. The G935 is Logitech G’s premium, performance-based headset that features RGB lighting and improved speakers, while maintaining the original design introduced by the Logitech G933. In this article, I will be comparing the G935Continue reading “Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset Review”

Gears 5 Arrives September 10

At the Xbox E3 Briefing earlier today, Microsoft and Coalition announced the release date of the next game in the Gears of War franchise: September 10, with four days of early access for those on the Xbox Game Pass. A multiplayer tech test will take place on July 17th. See more details about the game in theirContinue reading “Gears 5 Arrives September 10”

Sennheiser Gaming Unveils First Wireless Gaming Headset

Sennheiser’s gaming peripherals division unveiled earlier this week a new gaming headset, the first of their gaming headsets to go wireless. This new headset arrives in July, and comes in at a premium price tag of $349.95, and is called the Sennheiser GSP 670. This headset connects by a USB dongle, which has some ofContinue reading “Sennheiser Gaming Unveils First Wireless Gaming Headset”

How Dialogue Between Kratos and Atreus Gave Us a Great Story

God of War has had a long history of being one of gaming’s bloodiest, goriest games that were not an outright horror game. Starting as a PlayStation 2 franchise back in 2005, each sequel in the franchise has evolved to tell more of a mythological story as Kratos exacted his revenge on the Gods. From slicingContinue reading “How Dialogue Between Kratos and Atreus Gave Us a Great Story”

Moshi Avanti Headphones and USB-C Dock Review

A new company now on my radar reached out to me earlier this summer and provided me with some information about some new products that were available for consumer electronic usage. Moshi is a high-end accessories manufacturer, selling phone cases, bags, and headsets for a wide variety of uses. Their products are reminiscent of futuristicContinue reading “Moshi Avanti Headphones and USB-C Dock Review”

Metroid Prime 4: What Happened?!

Fans that tuned in last year to the Nintendo Switch Direct during E3 were surprised and blown away to realize that Nintendo had been working on getting a new entry developed for Metroid Prime 4. This was a title that should have been included, or mentioned at the very least, at this year’s E3 conferenceContinue reading “Metroid Prime 4: What Happened?!”

Fortnite is out on Nintendo Switch today!

Fortnite an extremely popular Battle Royale game which conquered the world of gaming in last few months is coming to Nintendo switch today! There is no information about any new features or skins but for sure this will be the definitive portable version of Fortnite yet. It’s going to be 100% free and it’s coming outContinue reading “Fortnite is out on Nintendo Switch today!”