Rocket League Conquers the Bottom of the Ocean

Rocket League is getting a new free update this October, according to the official website. “Inspired by the seven seas, the creatures beneath the waves, and the machines we use to study both, AquaDome is the first standard Arena we’ve released since Utopia Coliseum. Expect to see AquaDome on every Rocket League playlist, including Competitive, whenContinue reading “Rocket League Conquers the Bottom of the Ocean”

Pokémon CEO Implies Nintendo NX Will Be Console And Hand-Held Hybrid

The Pokémon CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara has added further fuel to the fires of rumour. He has implied that the Nintendo NX will be a fusion between a console and a hand-held device. It’s certainly a bold move for Nintendo, but bold moves are what’s likely to turn their fortunes around after a less than stellar sales performanceContinue reading “Pokémon CEO Implies Nintendo NX Will Be Console And Hand-Held Hybrid”

HITMAN Episode 5 and Disc Release Dates

The new episodic HITMAN series by Io Interactive and Square Enix has announced the release date for the next episode as well as a release for a physical disc edition. At first, the series received some flak for releasing Assassination missions in a episodic manner. However, after the first episode was released, the anticipation and excitementContinue reading “HITMAN Episode 5 and Disc Release Dates”

Giga Wrecker – Game Freak’s Second PC Game Hits Early Access

Game Freak, best known by its Pokémon series, has published a new game on Steam. Their second PC game, Giga Wrecker, is currently on Early Access, and it’s been developed and published by the company itself. In Giga Wrecker the player takes the role of a cyborg girl, solves puzzles, and completes stages in a 2D environment using herContinue reading “Giga Wrecker – Game Freak’s Second PC Game Hits Early Access”

Resident Evil 7 biohazard Lantern Trailer

Virtual Reality’s take on the horror genre of games is, by no means a new concept. However, Capcom is taking the idea to a whole new level. Having produced games of a creepy and horrific nature in the past, Capcom is using their flagship franchise – Resident Evil – to debut their first VR horrorContinue reading “Resident Evil 7 biohazard Lantern Trailer”

Majority of PlayStation VR Games Won’t Require Move

Earlier this week, Sony made an announcement to Eurogamer and The Verge, confirming that “Nearly all PlayStation VR titles will support DualShock 4 controllers”. This announcement was a clarification to released images, picturing the covers of some PSVR titles. Implemented in the cover art there are pictures of the VR headset, PlayStation Camera and the MoveContinue reading “Majority of PlayStation VR Games Won’t Require Move”

Batman VR Trailer released by Sony this E3

It seems that a lot of the games in Sony’s line up are going for the full Virtual Reality Gaming experience. With what little information we have, we know that the Joker could possibly be involved in a new Batman game, and that we will be up close and personal with the action.

Watch Dogs 2 takes over the Ubisoft Conference

Ubisoft is looking to correct the hacking centered world of Watch Dogs after the massive criticism they received following the release of the first game. This time set in San Fransisco, Watch Dogs 2 stars Marcus, a hacker in Deadsec. He rebels against the establishment, who ostensibly want to control our personal freedoms. Marcus isContinue reading “Watch Dogs 2 takes over the Ubisoft Conference”

New Tyranny Trailer Released at E3

Obsidian Entertainment, the makers of Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, released a new trailer for Tyranny at today’s E3 PC gaming conference. We’ve been given more insight into the game’s universe, in which evil has already won, and new gameplay footage was briefly shown too. The characters were colorful and well-drawn, as should be expected from Obsidian’s talentedContinue reading “New Tyranny Trailer Released at E3”

Mass Effect Andromeda Showcases Behind the Scenes Elements

Mass Effect Andromeda promises to take players to the Andromeda galaxy, millions of light-years away from the familiar locations of the Milky Way galaxy. Here, humans are the aliens, and we can count on that having a major role in the game and story. As the (assumed) captain of the starship The Tempest, you are expectedContinue reading “Mass Effect Andromeda Showcases Behind the Scenes Elements”

EA Sports: Madden 17 Announced

EA began their sports line-up by showing this year’s Super Bowl winners the Denver Broncos, in the update to the widely popular Madden series. With an updated visual engine (as is common with yearly sports titles) and improved gameplay, EA promises a game that will bring players of all ages and skill levels together inContinue reading “EA Sports: Madden 17 Announced”

E3 2016 Giveaway: Win a Copy of Twilight Princess HD or Overwatch

We’ve all seen just how crazy the past week has been with the release of Overwatch, and we’re extremely excited for the events that are leading up to this year’s E3 2016 that takes place in Los Angeles, California June 14-16. Now it’s time to give back to you guys, for sticking around. To celebrateContinue reading “E3 2016 Giveaway: Win a Copy of Twilight Princess HD or Overwatch”