Sony Changes July 2019 Playstation Plus Games Lineup

In a very last minute change, Sony has changed the free games offering for Playstation Plus subscribers from the previously announced lineup. Initially, Sony was all set to offer two games for the July 2019 offering the games that were originally set to be free for users were Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Horizon Turbo Chase. Without any priorContinue reading “Sony Changes July 2019 Playstation Plus Games Lineup”

Sony Delivers With Second State of Play

Sony recently released the next video in their short announcement series, State of Play, and they definitely delivered on a few things that fans have been looking forward to. To kick off the short announcement video we saw an extended look into the next expansion for Monster Hunter World titled Iceborne. In Iceborne, players willContinue reading “Sony Delivers With Second State of Play”

Persona 5R and Persona 5S Finally Revealed by Atlus

After months of waiting and teasers that tease more teasers, Atlus finally revealed what exactly Persona 5R and Persona 5S will be. On April 24, Atlus released a Japanese trailer showing Persona 5 Royal, an updated deluxe version of the original hit JRPG. The very next day, they revealed that Persona 5S is in factContinue reading “Persona 5R and Persona 5S Finally Revealed by Atlus”

Playstation Name Changes Finally Available

  In what has been a long requested feature by PlayStation fans since the launch of the PlayStation 3 back in 2006, Sony has finally given gamers the ability to change their on-screen names. The topic of changing your account name has been a highly controversial subject among gamers because those who play their gamesContinue reading “Playstation Name Changes Finally Available”

Baptiste Won’t Heal Overwatch’s Gaping Wounds

  After Overwatch was released to the public on May 24th, 2016, my friends and I spent countless nights playing the once popular Hero Shooter.  We’d often make plans over text to all get on Xbox and play competitively on weeknights after school until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer or were forcedContinue reading “Baptiste Won’t Heal Overwatch’s Gaping Wounds”

March PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup Features Only 2 Games

The March 2019 PlayStation Plus games lineup has been revealed in a post on the US PlayStation Blog. There will also be some changes to PlayStation Plus this month. Starting in March, PlayStation Plus will no longer include PS3 and PS Vita games. Going forward, PlayStation Plus will only feature two PlayStation 4 titles inContinue reading “March PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup Features Only 2 Games”

Respawn’s New Game Could Be The Apex Predator of Battle Royale

  Respawn Entertainment’s newly released Apex Legends has those familiar gameplay elements that you would expect when playing a Battle Royale game, but the developer has switched things up, making Apex Legends something unique. I’m going to be discussing what makes Apex Legends different from other games in the Battle Royale genre. As with any Battle RoyaleContinue reading “Respawn’s New Game Could Be The Apex Predator of Battle Royale”

Should There Be Another Prey?

Warning! This piece features heavy spoilers for the 2017 game Prey. Prey 2017 was a great game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Taking up the role of Morgan Yu, you make your way through Talos 1 in an attempt to escape with your life, destroy the station, or contain the TyphonContinue reading “Should There Be Another Prey?”

Genesis: Alpha One Review (PlayStation 4)

  If you play Genesis: Alpha One you may become very familiar with this story, as it’s told every time you start a new game. Mankind is no longer suited to prosper on earth due to rising population, evaporating resources, global tension. You know, the usual. It might feel a bit like they are tryingContinue reading “Genesis: Alpha One Review (PlayStation 4)”

February Playstation Plus Games Revealed (PS4)

  February’s PlayStation Plus games lineup has been revealed! PlayStation’s official Youtube channel recently released a trailer showcasing what’s in store for PlayStation Plus subscribers in the month of February on PS4. February PlayStation Plus Games Lineup: For Honor – “Enter the chaos of war as a bold Knight, brutal Viking, or deadly Samurai. WieldContinue reading “February Playstation Plus Games Revealed (PS4)”

Spider-Man Becomes Fastest-Selling PS4 Exclusive In History

Marvel’s Spider-Man has officially become the fastest-selling Playstation 4 Exclusive game of all time, dethroning other Playstation 4 flagship titles such as God of War and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. In an article posted to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s website, as of November 25, 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man has sold over nine million copies since itsContinue reading “Spider-Man Becomes Fastest-Selling PS4 Exclusive In History”