Cayde-6 Had to Die so Destiny 2 Could Live

So…Cayde-6 is dead. If you had any doubts about Cayde during the trailer, Steve Cotton and Scott Taylor confirmed his death in an interview after Sony’s E3 conference.

Many people in the Destiny community brought up the fact that the story in Destiny 2 is a tad bit too hopeful and cheery. Bungie said they were listening to the community, and they were not kidding.

E3 was all fun and games then, BAM! Prince Uldren shoots Cayde in the head with Cayde’s own gun, the Ace of Spades. And yes, Uldren made sure Cayde stayed dead by killing his ghost. Honestly, I never thought I would ever care about a dead ghost. I saw that ghost look at Cayde in disbelief and the shock on its little robotic “face” right before it died. To make this experience more painful, Uldren even had the audacity to put Cayde’s gun into his own holster!

Uldren is the leader of the Barrons so it makes sense that he killed the one who was filling the Prison of Elders, none other than Cayde. With him out of the way, Uldren may try to become the true king of the Reef, unless Mara Sov is still out there somewhere.

Even though I hate to see Cayde go, the Destiny community needed something to pull on their hearts. The reaction to this trailer was disbelief and utter hatred towards Uldren for killing our beloved Cayde. This is exactly what Bungie wanted and this is exactly what will keep Destiny 2 alive. We never had a villain that we hated so much. None of the main antagonists were personal, their crimes never connected with us.

After seeing a ghost scan in a lost sector in Hellas Basin, it was understood that Uldren would be back, but not like this. This trailer made the Destiny community want revenge, there is thirst to kill Uldren for what he did. Also, we know Uldren from Destiny 1, his attitude was always snarky and rude, this is another reason why he is the perfect antagonist. Familiarity plays a big role here, we have met this man before and he knows who we are. He will remember us when we meet him.

Bungie chose Cayde as the one to die because Ikora and Zavala do not have the charm Cayde has (yes, “has” he is technically still alive since Forsaken is not out yet). He is the one to bring laughter, he is the one to do silly things like search up “traveler giant eyeball” in the Vanguard database. Also, remember when the Speaker died during the Destiny 2 campaign and no one really cared? Yeah, Bungie could not afford to make a mistake like that now when Destiny 2 has the community divided. They wanted to make an impact and they for sure did.

Come to think of it, no wonder why we were able to find Cayde’s treasures and journal pages. No other NPC has this, he is the only one we learned about through those optional objectives. Bungie, those clever people.

Unlike many guardians, Cayde remembered a bit of his past, he remembered his past even after becoming an Exo and being rebooted 6 times. Cayde’s past is incredibly sorrowful, he had a family and his son’s name was Ace. Cayde became an Exo to pay off a debt and he even witnessed the Collapse of Earth. He lived until Forsaken only because he is an Exo and Guardian. Seeing a character like this die in such a way hurts, it hurts so bad that I am going slam my money down for this expansion. I am sure Bungie has convinced fans to do the same.

Also, you may be thinking that Cayde can come back to life, but he really cannot unless his consciousness is stored in an additional place, besides his exoskeleton. If that is the case, hopefully, Ana Bray could do something about it. His ghost is gone, so Cayde cannot be revived and Cayde-6 cannot be rebooted to become Cayde-7.

This is a truly bittersweet moment. I wanted a fantastic story, but it is going to be a story without Destiny’s most loveable character. Destiny 2 required a death of an important character like Cayde to bring seriousness back and to give players a meaningful reason to play.

So Guardians, go to the Tower, take some photos with Cayde using that selfies emote because he won’t be standing there too long.

Published by Saniya Ahmed

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