CES 2016 Expectations


The largest technology expo event of the year is kicking off in Las Vegas, Nevada. The huge Consumer Electronics Show 2016 is finally here, and Gamer Professionals will have a pair of eyes on the ground looking at the newest trends, specifically with regards to video gaming. However, based on the numerous emails that I have received from the numerous public relations groups out there, the biggest trends this year look to be in virtual reality for video gaming, and in the all-encompassing home connection for technologies.

What’s interesting this year is that consumer technology is moving into this home connection field. It’s all very fascinating stuff, where everything is controllable in the house from smart devices or some other gizmo. Of course, there’s the usual advancements in smartphone technology, with giants such as Samsung and LG making appearances. Aside from the usual wine mixers and private booth tours offered fairly openly to the press, this looks to be similar to my E3 2015 experience, only at a different venue, with over three times the crowd. While E3 2015 drew in over 50,000 faces from the gaming and technology industry, Las Vegas is expected to see numbers nearing 200,000. Considering that 2015 saw 176,000 attend, this could be a whole different beast from what I experienced in Los Angeles for E3.

My stay will be from Wednesday, January 6th, to Friday, January 8th. I’ll be roaming the floors and seeing what is of interest in this particular sector. Let me know what you guys want to see! Stay tuned for some late night coverage of the event! It’s going to be an exciting year for technology and gaming, and you guys will be among the first to know!