Characters we need in Super Smash Bros. Switch!

Super Smash Bros. Switch

Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Switch and we cannot wait! For that reason we have a list of characters that might possibly appear in our favorite all-star fighting game.

Confirmed Characters

The initial reveal trailer did not tell us much, but it did confirmed at least few characters that we shall see.

  • Inkling Girl & Boy
Inkling Boy and Girl

We all saw it coming. Inklings are fairly new addition to Nintendo’s library of memorable characters, yet they already have a huge following. They were an excellent addition to Mario Kart Deluxe and, hopefully, they will be equally as good in Smash.

  • Mario & Link

Two of the most iconic Smash characters are making a return. Mario and Link both look very menacing in the trailer. Does it mean there will be a darker tone and design of the game? We will have to wait and see. Mario seems to be unchanged, but Link has been updated to the most modern incarnation of himself from Breath of the Wild.


There was also a photo that was released alongside the trailer (seen above) which shows a more detailed view at the outlines of the characters from the trailer. It does not show anything that shocking or surprising but it does show the most classic Nintendo characters.


Possible Characters

  • Zelda – Breath of the Wild
Zelda in her new blue gear

Since Link is getting an update, there is a good possibility that Zelda will too.  In Breath of the Wild she abandoned her fancy dress for more comfortable and practical trousers. This could greatly affect her fighting style. It would be awesome to see some new moves from our favorite princess. We see her in her classic form in the image above but this there still is a possibility. At minimum, maybe we’ll see her Breath of the Wild outfit as a new skin for our classic Smash Bros. Zelda.

  • Mario & Cappy
Mario & Cappy

We all love original Mario but there is no doubt that there never was a better team than Mario & Cappy. Mario’s new ability to throw Cappy into enemies in Super Mario Odyssey was extremely cool and satisfying, and it would work great in the new Super Smash Bros. It would also be interesting to see how capturing would be implemented into the combat. This addition might give Kirby a run for his money!

  • Pauline
Pauline singing “Jump Up, Super Star!”

Pauline was the first ever damsel in distress which Mario (formerly known as Jumpman) had to save. Absent from the series for decades, she made an awesome return in Super Mario Odyssey as mayor of New Donk City. She is cool and she seems like a badass! She would make an awesome addition to the game especially if they find a way to incorporate her singing skills as part of the combat.

  • Waluigi
Our favorite purple cladded tennis player

Waluigi is one of the most underappreciated characters in the Mario games. Surprisingly, he has huge fan following and it is certain that they are aware of this at Nintendo, as he features quite a lot in Mario Tennis Aces promotion. They have him modeled, rigged, and textured for that game – so now there is no excuse.

  • Samus (Prime 4 edition)
Very impressive Fan Art

Samus is a classic Smash character, just like Mario or Link, so it’s obvious she will make an appearance. Yet there is a big possibility we might see a new version of Samus from the upcoming Metroid Prime 4.  

  • Rex & Mythra/Pyr
Rex and Pyra

Xenoblade Chronicle 2 is without a doubt one of the best games on the Switch, and looking at Smash Bros’ fondness for dudes with big swords, there is a big possibility that Rex will be added to the roster. Mythra/Pyra will most likely make an appearance as well, but they would serve similar role to Pokemon Trainer in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

  • Camilla
Camilla in Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem characters have a big presence in Smash Bros. games. With each iteration of Smash we get more of them, and this time we should be getting Camilla. She is one of the most interesting characters from the newer Fire Emblem games, plus it would be nice to have one more female from that series.

  • Unnamed New Fire Emblem Character

As we know, a new mainline Fire Emblem game is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. This means we are likely to see new characters. It is very plausible that one of those new characters will be added to the new Smash Bros. at some point.    

  • Detective Pikachu

There is always a Pikachu in Smash games, but Nintendo’s heavy push of this strange new spin-off series could give us a new iteration of our favorite electric rodent. Dressed in stereotypical Sherlock-esque attire, this Pikachu could use his faithful spyglass as a weapon while freaking us out with its weird voice.

  • Decidueye
Final Evolution of Alolan starter

Speaking of Pokemon, there has to be Decidueye. Undoubtedly the most popular Pokemon of the seventh generation. It has everything you want from Smash character. Awesome looks and sick moves!

  • Spring Man
Spring Man

Arms is one of the first original Nintendo IP made specially for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a quite unique fighting game, which tries to blend the charm of Splatoon, character stylings of Overwatch, and gameplay of Wii Sports’ Boxing. It is a good fighting game, yet it was not as big of a success as Smash. There is no doubt that Nintendo will try to revitalize this IP by cross promoting it with their most successful competitive title, and there is only one character people think of when talking about Arms. The Spring Man.       

  • Twintelle

Second most popular character from Arms, Twintelle is known for being a first Nintendo character aiming purely for the fanservice. Just look at her! No matter what, she is a cool and she would be awesome addition to Smash.

  • Shadow
Shadow the Hedgehog

We will undoubtedly see our favorite speedy blue hedgehog making a return to Smash. What we would all love to see though is his cool, and sometimes evil, counterpart Shadow. Maybe not available from the start, but he would be an awesome unlockable character or at least a DLC.    

  • Rayman

We all wanted him back when the fake announcement made its rounds through the internet – and we all want him now! He is one of those classic platforming mascots and looking at Ubisoft’s recent relationship with Nintendo this could be very plausible.  

  • Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot

Speaking of classic platformer mascots, Crash is one that everyone would love to see in Smash. No longer held captive by Sony, Crash is making its way onto the Nintendo platform later this year, so lets hope Activision puts some deal in place with Nintendo to make it happen! Sonic, Mario, and Crash in one game? Sounds like a dream come true!

  • Papyrus
The Great PAPYRUS!

Did anyone else find the Undertale Switch version reveal to be too coincidentally similar to the Smash Bros. reveal? Turning off the lights being a big theme in both trailers. I might be reading a little bit too much into it, but nevertheless it would be super cool to see the great Pyprus in the new Smash.  

  • Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is another character that everybody wanted in the last Smash. Shovel Knight is, to this day, the only indie game to get its own Amiibos so it would make sense for him to be featured in the newest Super Smash Bros.   

  • Noctis
The Prince Noctis

Because why not? Noctis has been in two fighting games in the recent history – Dissidia NT and Tekken 6, so why not Smash? Square Enix puts this guy anywhere they can, so don’t be surprised to see him in Smash.

  • Doomguy
Doomguy from DOOM (2016)

This might seem strange but Doomguy is a very possible addition to the character roster. Us here at Gamer Professionals would love to see DOOM seeing extra life on the Switch (alongside DOOM VFX), especially because it was our Game of the Year back in 2016. Bethesda is the strongest third-party supporter on the Switch, and I’m sure they would be up for their characters to be featured in Smash. Nintendo is much more lenient when it comes to mature rated games on their platform these days but I doubt they’d allow BJ Blaskowicz the Nazi killer to be in Smash. Doomguy on other hand could work. It would be cool Amiibo too.

Cool Characters we want but won’t see

  • Goku

Goku is one of the most revered characters ever. He is powerful, fast, and has some of the most iconic combat moves. This character, in theory, could happened since Banadi Namco (who currently hold the video game rights to Dragon Ball) were co-developing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but it seems unlikely.

  • Yami Yugi

We had Pokemon Trainer in Brawl with his faithful Pokemon, so wouldn’t it be awesome to have Yugi with his deck of powerful monsters? Seeing Dark Magician or Blue Eyes White Dragon fighting it off with Pikachu or Jigglypuff would be an ultimate 90s kids’ fantasy, yet this most likely won’t happen. Yu-Gi-Oh is owned by Konami which recently has had a very bad relationship with both gamers as well as other publishers and developers. So there isn’t much hope, sadly.

  • Sora

What can I say? We want Sora! Unfortunately it seems that Kingdom Heart III won’t be coming to the Switch, which most likely means that Sora won’t be coming to the next Smash.

These are our thought on the characters coming to the new Super Smash Bros. game! Give us your thoughts. Did you agree or disagree? Make sure to comment your theories down below!