Code Vein Screenshots Released Showing New Bases and Characters

New 1080p Code Vein screenshots and artwork were released today as part of a press package from Bandai Namco Europe.

The new Code Vein screenshots are mainly comprised of pictures of the predicted home base, a fortress-like chapel building, and a number of NPC characters that will inhabit the game world. The official description released with the images by the publisher has stated that “This old remodeled chapel is actually a sort of fortress for the players, where they can meet various merchants and NPCs, including Davis, who is busy exploring the Depths, or the merchant Coco, who sells rare items. Murasame also sells weapons and improves its equipment thanks to the transformation”.

In comparison to a similar image showcase featured in an article on Weekly Famitsu, the latest pictures appear to be more heavily localized in English, allowing better insight into customization interfaces and store menus that will feature in-game.

Code Vein is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2018.



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