Colony Coming to Titanfall 2

Respawn has done an infinitely better job at updating Titanfall 2 than they did with its predecessor. The developer has consistently released free downloadable content for their game as they promised. It has ranged from entirely new content (new executions and Prime Titans) to nods at the old content that longtime fans of the original Titanfall loved (like the Angel City map). In a recent interview with Griffin Dean, the designer behind Titanfall 2’s upcoming mode Live Fire, it was revealed that another of these classic maps would be returning: Colony.

Fans of the original Titanfall will remember Colony as a battlefield of chokepoints and camping positions. An array of houses haphazardly strewn throughout the center of the map create clear paths that Titans must take without much room to maneuver and each house is full of hallways, staircases, and corners for pilots to run through if they wish to avoid running into a Titan outside. A lone watchtower dominates the center of the map, offering an excellent sniper perch or a welcome spot to recuperate after ejecting from a doomed Titan. Beyond the homes is a large field that gives Titans room to actually move around but also zero cover. For new players who want a feel for such a map before it launches, play on Titanfall 2’s BoomTown. It is not quite the same but it offers the closest equivalent.

Titanfall 2’s BoomTown

Dean revealed Colony would be dropping into the Titanfall 2 playlists in the March update which will also include a new Prime Titan, a new weapon, a new Pilot execution, and a few more bug fixes and tweaks to online matchmaking. This all comes in right on the heels of the Live Fire update coming in February, and Dean teases there are quite a few more surprises in store that players can expect in the coming months. Whether that is additional weapons, Titans, and executions or more of the classic Titanfall maps is anyone’s guess.

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