Crazy Super Mario Level From PangeaPanga Available Celebrating AGDQ 2016


It’s not a surprise that I love the Super Mario franchise. Deep down, even with its somewhat linear game play lately, there’s something fun about playing and seeing how the series evolved. When Super Mario Maker came out, it opened up the game and allowed for fans to design levels for the first time, which has resulted in some truly fascinating level design, RPG-scale explorations, or musical creations that require zero user interaction. On the opposite end of the scale, there’s the level playback for the truly masochistic. The level designs by PangeaPanga are just a whole new level of crazy, though. The level designs by Panga require intimate knowledge of the mechanics of each title, such as the ability to know the timings of jumping off of Yoshi’s back to make a jump happen. Many have tried and failed, with few actually succeeding. The levels have an insane pass rate that goes down to the low double digits; it’s often lower with some thousandths of a percentage actually succeeding.

Here’s an example that Panga created, which is humorously titled, “Kill Or Save The Animals.” Based on Super Mario World, it’s going to be a lot of jumping and bouncing off of Yoshi to get to the end. The level was released as an “easier” level commemorating the Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) drive that took place, which raised 1.2 million dollars. I have to hand it to him, even though this is an “easier” level, it’s still ridiculous and requires a high level of skill. He really knows how to make them tick. The Level ID is 3B6A-0000-0179-0126! Happy jumping!