A Dark Souls Board Game Has Been Kickstarted

Dark Souls The Board Game

With the success of the Dark Souls series, a tabletop game company named Steamforged Games Ltd. launched a Kickstarter to fund Dark Souls The Board Game. After only three minutes, they surpassed their goal. Further funding will open a range of add-ons and stretch goals. So far, they consist of extra classes.

Dark Souls The Board Game is for up to four players. Set in the Dark Souls universe, players pick one of the classes from the game. The goal is to find and slay the boss, collecting treasures and gear along the way. Keeping true to the challenge of RPGs of this nature, not all problems are combat. With limited slots, players must think about inventory space carefully.

This game requires thinking, planning, and determination to succeed, much like the games it is based on. Co-op or solo modes, multiple difficulties and a high replay rate make this enough to satisfy serious tabletop gamers while still accessible to newer players. As you play, you add tiles to the board in the direction the players wish. Every time the player enters a room, an Encounter card is flipped over and an event occurs. Think Munchkin with less cartoons, and more macabre.

Best of all, the detail in the miniatures is astounding! There are only a few companies that I have seen at this level. A lot has gone into Dark Souls The Board Game and it shows. It has innovative mechanics for combat, environment and character management. I for one wish to see more games like this, awesome tributes to legendary games. Beyond that though this game works a lot like Dark Souls (on paper) giving you that anxiety and desperation feeling they are famous for.

At the time of this article being published, Dark Souls The Board Game has raised almost $500,000.

Dark Souls The Board Game
Player characters for Dark Souls The Board Game
Dark Souls Board Game
Boss figures

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