Dark Souls III Steam Pre-Order Opens

One of this year’s biggest titles – Dark Souls III – is rapidly approaching release. With just under two months until it lands, pre-orders via the Steam storefront have opened, alongside some special pre-purchase offers. Early adopters will receive a free digital copy of the soundtrack, composed by Yuka Kitamura. In addition, those with copies of other Dark Souls franchise titles in their library will be entitled to a discount on their purchase, ranging from around 8-10% off depending on region.

Dark Souls III will be available in both a standalone edition, and a deluxe edition. The standalone edition is marked at US$60 before discounts, with the Deluxe running at US$85. Both editions include the soundtrack, and are also eligible for the loyalty discount. The Deluxe edition includes the Season Pass, granting access to two DLC packs in the post-launch period. The Pass is also available to standalone adopters, with the price marked at $25.

Bandai Namco Entertainment has had a rather sketchy history with PC ports, but Dark Souls II was handled reasonably well. Given the significance of this release, it seems likely that it will receive the necessary attention. For further information, including hardware specifications, head on over to the Steam store page. Dark Souls III is set to launch on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, alongside the PC release on March 24.


Published by Michael Spiteri

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