Dawn Of War III Gamescom Preview

We don’t know a whole lot about Dawn Of War III just yet, but we do know that this game is going to be drastically different from the past two titles in the series. The gamescom gameplay showcased the Blood Ravens chapter battling Eldar, with a surprise Wraith Knight appearance.

Gabriel Angelos battling Eldar in Dawn Of War III
Gabriel Angelos, Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens makes his debut as a hero in Dawn Of War III

Dawn Of War III will incorporate three factions into the campaign. This is one of the key differences from past Dawn Of War titles. The Blood Ravens chapter is making a return in this addition to the series, along with the Eldar, and the Orks.

Through the course of the campaign, you will assume the role of a commander for all three factions vying for control of a super weapon. We don’t know the details of the super weapon just yet, but it apparently has the power to annihilate entire planets. It’s a typical 40K super weapon, really.

Base building and large unit counts are coming back, which is a noticeable difference from Dawn Of War II. Base building has always been somewhat of a sore spot for real-time strategy games. Many believe it is redundant, while others insist it is the life-blood of the genre. Nevertheless, Relic Entertainment heard the outcry and brought it back.

The Imperial Knight was showed off in the E3 showcase earlier this year, but at Gamescom its power was fully showcased.
The Imperial Knight was showed off in the E3 showcase earlier this year, but at Gamescom its power was fully showcased.

One new aspect that had played a heavy role in the Gamescom showcase was the Imperial Knight, a new unit to the game that adds an array of devastating weapons. Its size is also bigger than anything ever incorporated in any of the past Dawn Of War titles. They’re equipped with dual Gatling Cannons and a missile launcher located on the back of the knight. They work best when supported by line infantry such as tactical marines or assault marines, reigning down fire while the infantry advance.

Wargear is also returning in Dawn Of War III, allowing you to customize your hero’s loadout and equipment. The Space Marines so far have been the only faction played in the demonstrations showed, though Eldar and Ork demos will probably come along soon enough.

I will continue to cover Dawn Of War III through its development, so be sure to check back to Gamer Professionals for continued coverage prior to its release.


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