RUMOR: Days Gone May Be Delayed Even Further

Back in October, it was officially announced that the PS4 exclusive Days Gone had been delayed for a release two months later than originally planned. Apparently Sony feels they needed to prolong the debut of the game to help the studio transfer out of a busy period after numerous big releases. They also claimed that the extra time would give them a better chance to finalise the game to put out the best version possible.

However, it’s now been speculated that there could potentially be even more delays ahead for the game. An article by Skewed & Reviewed has started rumors that Days Gone may only be released in late December 2019, rather than in April, due to the latest PlayStation store listing for the game. While fans who stumbled across the game’s page were expecting to see a mid-year release date, the PS Store is now listing the game for December 2019. What’s even more odd is that the store is not yet allowing pre-orders, either, which indicates that there could be further issues ahead for the debut of the game after all.

While some are speculating that the image may just be a placeholder for the game at the current moment in time, there is some discussion about whether or not the title will be pushed back further. Earlier this year at E3, the stage demo of Days Gone received a very mixed response, with many fans thinking that the narrative and gameplay were lacking in depth. However, other players believe the game seems ‘very ambitious’ and are concerned about how the console will handle the content.

Either way, the online release date for Days Gone is still set to be April 2019, so fans shouldn’t get worried too quickly about waiting for little over a year to see the game in action. Sony has a lot of big titles lined up for the upcoming year, and while it’s understandable that the game was delayed once, it wouldn’t make much sense to release it at the same time as a title such as The Last Of Us 2.

Until Sony confirms any further delays for Days Gone, these rumors are purely fan speculations and may be the result of an oversight of the PS Store after all.

Published by Charlotte MG

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