DayZ Forums Security Compromised

Not too long ago the DayZ forums had experienced a security breach which they announced via Twitter. They didn’t seem to consider it a very big deal beyond warning you to play it safe and change your password just in case. Apparently that changed because yesterday, as a member of of the DayZ forums, I received this email. This was then followed two hours later by an official Twitter update.

Bohemia Interactive has warned all DayZ forum users to change their passwords immediately not only on their website but also if they have used a similar password on any other gaming website at all. Bohemia claims that the information that was stolen was in a more secure form than text so there may be hope that your valuable information was not actually gazed upon. They blame this security breach on unnamed hackers and promise security overhauls to prevent this from happening again.

DayZ Forum’s login method will be changing from IPBoards to a different system where you will have to log in with your actual Bohemia account. This displays the possibility that your login information will be different if it differed from the forums to your Bohemia account. The team has warned that the forums will be down until migration to the Bohemia account system is complete. There have been no updates thus far and when we check the forums ourselves, they are still down.

Keep an eye out for updates and maybe start changing your passwords from that one password you use on everything. The extent of the damage still isn’t clear but with Bohemia’s new security updates we can hope it doesn’t happen again.

Published by Nathanael Rose

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