Dear Microsoft, E3 2018 is Your Moment to Stop Disappointing Us


Ah, the glory days of Microsoft and their Xbox … nowadays little more a hazy memory in the minds of gamers everywhere. And this is coming from me, an Xbox superfan. Well, former Xbox superfan. It’s already well documented how Sony’s jam-packed library of wonderful PlayStation exclusives converted me to playing predominantly on the PS4, but I always hold out hope that Microsoft will one day halt their tirade of relentless disappointments and announce something huge at E3 2018 that will make me pick up my Xbox controller again.

Xbox One Reveal Console War
The Xbox One reveal from … *that year*

So I’ll ask you directly, Microsoft. Please bring your A-game to E3 2018. No more silly ‘multimedia platform’ gimmicks. We want properly good exclusives. First-party ones too. An actual reason to own an Xbox. And not just another Halo or another Gears of War. You’re getting as bad as Nintendo for milking your franchises (but at least Nintendo makes it work … somehow … most of the time). But from early indications it isn’t looking good. While Sony have come out all guns blazing and confirmed four massive titles that will appearing, The Last of Us Part IIGhost of TsushimaDeath Stranding and Spiderman, you haven’t really given us a taste of anything. If I were being cynical, I’d say that this is because once again you don’t have much to show. But maybe, just maybe, you’re keeping things shtum so that you can absolutely blow your rivals out the water with a corker of a conference.

It seems like you’re almost too scared to take the risks involved with coming up with something new, and you instead just rely on the old faithfuls to bring in the cash. All we want are two new IPs. Even just one would do. I know Sea of Thieves didn’t exactly take the world by storm, but at least it was a start. Think of it as your No Man’s Sky, the first speed bump you have to go over on the way to bigger and better things. Look at what Sony released just a few months after that catastrophe – Nier: AutomataHorizon Zero DawnNioh. I hope beyond hope that the same happens for you. And not out of any sense of loyalty. Just because I know you have given greatness to the gaming world in the past. Fable, the older Halo and Gears of War games, Alan Wake, Cuphead to name but a few. So come on Microsoft, pull your finger out your collective bum and start showing the world what you can do again.

Console War
Will E3 2018 be the year Xbox finally catches up?

Or just … don’t. The quantity and quality of Xbox exclusives has been in gradual decline since the Xbox One first came out (with a scant few exceptions), so what reason is there to think it won’t continue? But a guy can dream, right? There have been *some* positive signs recently. They’ve finally put out a decent UI. Game Pass is a brilliant idea. Crackdown 3 is looking like it could be a great game (if you stop delaying it). And I suppose Gears of War 4 was the successful half-reboot the series needed. None of that matters though if you let gamers down at E3 2018. All there’s is left to do is to wait and see what Sunday’s Microsoft conference will bring us.

Of course, we at Gamer Professionals will be covering the Microsoft conference (as well as all the rest), so stay tuned as the news starts rolling in. Will our headline be “Xbox is Back!” or “Xbox is officially DEAD!”. Only Microsoft can decide.

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