Death Stranding Trailers Channel Metal Gear Solid

If there is one thing Hideo Kojima is good at, it is getting people thinking after unveiling his games’ trailers. The release of each mind-blowing trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain sent the internet into a frenzy, with fans clamoring to discover any sort of hint or clue as to the plot of the game. Multiple theories arose from the scrutiny of the handful of trailers. A few of them even turned out to be true, including the very controversial ending reveal. So, it seems only logical that people would delve into the trailers for Death Stranding.

After the reveal of Kojima’s newest project at E3, fans were quick to discover a couple of hidden clues about the plot. embedded in Norman Reedus’ character’s dogtags are two physics equations. The first, the Dirac equation, which in addition to explaining the quantum mechanic of electrons, suggests the existence of antimatter. The second is the Schwarzchild radius: the radius at which a star becomes a black hole.


These equations hiding in plain sight have led many fans, myself included, to believe that Death Stranding involves inter-dimensional travel; the presence of deity-like beings and handprints materializing out of thin air could also be suggestive of that. Whether this is true remains to be confirmed by Kojima himself. However, as pointed out earlier, he often lets his more observant fans in on the secret via his trailers.

One particularly observant anonymous user on image-hosting site imgur has made an interesting discovery after seeing Kojima’s latest trailer for Death Stranding at last Thursday night’s Game Awards. Within the trailer, he found many visual similarities between Kojima’s newest title and Metal Gear Solid. Possible spoilers for Metal Gear Solid await below, consider yourself warned!


The first clue is the presence of a long scar across Guillermo del Toro’s forehead. As Metal Gear Solid fans are aware, Venom Snake underwent facial reconstruction surgery in order to resemble Big Boss. However, a popular theory suggested that Big Boss had undergone a head transplant. The doctor tending to Venom during his coma was modeled exactly after a real-life doctor named Sergio Canavero. Now, we see a character that has undergone some sort of cranial procedure. This may appear as a mild coincidence at first, but things get weirder.

del Toro's encapsulated baby, and Solidus share one facial feature in particular.
del Toro’s encapsulated baby and Solidus share one facial feature in particular.

There appear to be a multitude of parallels between the second Death Stranding trailer and Solidus Snake, the iconic villain of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Both appear with only one eye visible; the right eye, to be specific.

b6vkttjAdditionally, we see Mads Mikkelsen’s character connected to a squad of soldiers by what looks like some sort of wire (or metaphorical umbilical cord, what with the focus on infants in both trailers). Solidus, during his fight with Raiden at the end of MGS2, wore a suit with two wires protruding from the front.

Drawing another connection, this time to Solidus’ father, Big Boss, Mikkelsen’s character is seen removing his visor in a shot similar to the opening scene of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

Many other smaller easter eggs and clues are found by the imgur user. The pin on del Toro’s jacket depicts a web covering the continental United States, with the center of the web being in New York. Big Boss, at the end of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is suggested to have gone to New York City. Norman Reedus, in the trailer for Silent Hills is shown walking through Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan.  Zero, founder of the Patriots alongside Big Boss, had a hiding spot in Hell’s Kitchen.

Big Boss and Mads removing their visors.

Kojima, who is known to cut entire trailers by himself, could be doing one of two things. He could be merely paying homage to the franchise stolen from him by Konami. Or, Kojima could be trying to hint at a piece of the puzzle that is the story of Death Stranding. Infants are clearly pivotal to the plot. That much is made clear by both the babies seen in trailers #1 and #2 and the umbilical-cord like wires protruding from Mads. Additionally, Reedus’ character in trailer #1 is seen with what looks like a Cesarean-section scar, which is strangely present on the doll in trailer #2.

Like Metal Gear Solid V prior to its release, the majority of the plot is relatively unclear. Many questions remain unanswered, and if Kojima’s track record is anything to show for it, we will not know much at all until we get to delve into the game ourselves.

That said, no release date is currently known for Death Stranding, but a gameplay reveal at E3 2017 seems possible. Even though Kojima Productions has just kicked things off earlier this year, it seems development on Death Stranding is moving along nicely.



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