The Depths Of Abzu


GameInformer recently had some hands on time with a new title from 505 Games. Abzu is a third person exploration game where the player is a deep sea diver. There are many merits to this game, the first of which is immediately apparent. The vibrant artwork, from recently formed Giant Squid development team, not only brings the sea to life but shows true beauty in the various sea life. Let’s dive a little deeper into what GameInformer revealed.Abzu

Tens of thousands of fish were rendered for Abzu, Giant Squid wanted to create the experience a diver has. As you explore, the sea life will react to you and each other. You can even see through a fish’s perspective. Recently a food chain has been added, giving the sea even more of it’s own life. Movement is reportedly ‘free and natural feeling’ and players won’t have to worry about oxygen or gear. Giant Squid wants players to focus on the experience and beauty of the sea. Abzu

After some time in the ocean, players will run into a Great White Shark. Having a big shark just appear when you are exploring a reef or kelp bed can be very startling! The developers shared some words on this creature and it’s role.

“It’s cool because we get to explore multiple facets of the shark’s character,” says Nava. “I think sharks are typically very one-dimensionally represented in media as killers in the ocean, so we definitely wanted to – like everything in Abzû – show many sides to him.”

Experiencing this fantastic world isn’t the only thing Abzu is about. The ocean holds many mysteries just waiting for you. Many ruins with hieroglyphs hint at Abzu‘s history. Players will also find magical undersea pools where they find upgrades for their diver and some even change the environment, making things look surreal!

Abzu is a meditative journy, a relaxing trip through a calming ocean. This is due to the mesh of fine art and a beautiful music score. Abzu launches this summer on PC and PS4.