Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Review (PS4)

The Vex have created a simulation which shows them a dead sun, and their victory. In the opening cut scene, this is what Osiris sees through the portal. Osiris says “Sagira, it can see your Light”, which refers to is our antagonist, Panoptes, the Vex who wants to reshape reality to ensure Vex victory.

As fun as the missions are, the story is lacking. Despite telling a clear story and giving weight to the consequences should the Vex succeed, the plot ends a bit too abruptly. I expected to see some notable traits and mysteries surrounding Osiris, but his character is plain, despite appearing frequently and sharing his knowledge of the Vex.

Osiris reveals something notable after the battle with Panoptes by saying “Come, little light” to Sagira. In Destiny, the only person to refer to our ghost as ‘little light’ was the Exo Stranger. The original lore of Destiny said that the Exo Stranger and Osiris knew each other, making me believe that Bungie may be trying to tell us something here.

curse of osiris

Panoptes is a sort of combination of a hydra harpy hybrid with arms, and its size made it look menacing.The mechanics in defeating the boss felt new, like I was battling an alien race with absurdly powerful technology. As a villain, Panoptes is lacking dimension and personality. It sends out enemies to attack, but does not have any special attacks of its own.

Ikora plays a large role in Curse of Osiris, taking matters into her own hands without consulting the Vanguard. She calls on us, as a friend, to help Osiris and stop the Vex. Ikora’s bold step shows that she cares about her mentor, and is not afraid to solve issues in ways the Vanguard would not approve of. Since our character does not have any kind of development in the story, I was glad to spend more time with Ikora. Brother Vance, who was dark and monotone in the first Destiny, is more like an excited fanboy of Osiris with some comical lines of dialogue.

curse of osiris
Past Mercury Strike and the giant Cyclops

There are two new strikes, which have been blended into the campaign like a story mission. This was a good call, but results in there being less story missions than usual for an expansion. Heroic Strikes are also back, but they are lacking the fun modifiers from the first Destiny. The new strikes themselves are elaborate, adding more dynamics than simply “shoot enemies and run to the next area”. The strike on Golden Age Mercury is especially great, complete with a giant Cyclops, glowing Vex boxes to combat Minotaurs, and visually pleasing colors. Instead of hearing about the Golden Age of our Solar System in the lore, we actually get to see it and notice what the Vex have done.

curse of osiris
The vast Infinite Forest inside of Mercury

The Infinite Forest, where a good portion of the game takes place, became a bit tiresome. In the first few missions I killed every single enemy that came in my way, but eventually I just ran past everything to get to the actual mission. Bungie knew this repetition would irk people so they made it procedurally generated. With the small patrol area on Mercury, changing up the Infinite Forest was a good idea. There is only one public event on Mercury and it is a hectic one, but that is one of its strengths.

Curse of Osiris is not an expansion where all activities can be completed immediately — it will take time. This is largely because of a new feature called Lost Prophecies, which offers a different take on weapon quests consisting of activities that reward a certain resource. The activities are ones you would normally play like Public Events or Crucible which makes it convenient. I really do miss the odd grinding in Destiny where I had to run around to gather relic iron for an exotic sword. Either there was a mission you had to complete in a certain time or fight new enemies. It was something my friends and I would discuss about and help each other with, and now I feel that charm is gone.

Granted, lore in Destiny 2 is presented much better than in Destiny. The lore tabs for exotic items in Destiny 2 and the expansion say as much as the grimoire cards did before. The most appealing part of Curse of Osiris lore is Saint-14. Exotic items and the last quest after finishing all the Lost Prophecies gives Saint-14’s grimoire lore some purpose.

curse of osiris

I completed Verse 1 and 3 out of the 11 Lost Prophecies that are available. After grinding Public Events for my resources, I retrieved my new weapon from the Forge. These weapons are special because they combine human and Vex weapon technology. After all these years of being exiled, Osiris’ knowledge of the Vex came in handy in order to help out guardians.

curse of osiris

Prometheus Lens, an exotic trace rifle, uses Vex technology and it was a great gun until Xur sold it on the weekend after release. I received it as a drop and destroyed many players in Crucible, making me feel powerful. Now, I look for opportunities to use other weapons, but Prometheus Lens shreds the enemy in no time so almost every single person is using it. Bungie’s December 12 update fixed the ridiculous amount of damage Prometheus Lens was able to do. Finally, I had Crucible matches again where I can use other weapons.

Visually, the game is crisp and colorful and the minimalist stone and metallic architecture of the Vex looks gorgeous with the white linear lights. The most visually pleasing part of the game is when it goes to past Mercury. The Traveler had turned Mercury into a gardenia world, which had the colorful aesthetics of a planet you would find in No Man’s Sky, and the presence of the bright and light Vex architecture made it even more beautiful, until the Vex destroyed it all. Destiny has always had beautiful landscapes, but past Mercury looks the most surreal and otherworldly. Curse of Osiris takes us back to European Dead Zone, Nessus, and Io’s Pyramidion which was unimpressive since it was basically the Pyramidion strike. The Pyramidion is large and it would only make sense to explore other parts of it. Bungie’s explanation for making the Raid Lair was that they wanted players to explore other parts of the Leviathan, so the same should have been done for the Pyramidion.

The Curse of Osiris is entertaining, but I expected something that would enhance the way we play Destiny 2. I am left with content that is no more engaging than what we already have. Before the second expansion there are more updates for Curse of Osiris and Season 2 which, I hope, may have different content.

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