Destiny 2 Expansion – Details on ‘Curse of Osiris’ Revealed in Stream

curse of osiris

Bungie had it’s first stream about the upcoming Destiny 2 expansionCurse of Osiris, on Twitch. This stream focused on the characters we will encounter, story, and changes in the raid. Future streams about Curse of Osiris will unravel more information.

In the beginning of the stream we were shown a cut scene of guardians battling Vex in what seemed to be the Vault of Glass. Then time freezes, through a triangular portal Osiris and his ghost walk out to search for something. Osiris opens up another portal and sees something that alerts him, which alerts the enemies as well. Osiris and his ghost try to escape, but he throws his ghost out of the portal to safety, but it is injured. Next we see Osiris getting surrounded by Vex.


curse of osiris

We see Osiris in the expansion as a Middle Eastern man dressed in Eqypt inspired clothing, and he has a female ghost named Sagira. Before the story of Destiny, Osiris was once part of the Vanguard but he was exiled and remained on Mercury. We only really knew Osiris from grimoire cards and the Trials of Osiris, but his knowledge of the Vex will make him a leader for guardians during the Vex crisis.

Brother Vance, a disciple of Osiris, returns to Destiny 2 as well, he left the Reef for The Lighthouse. Brother Vance watched over the Trials of Osiris, trying to find the strongest guardians, but now he will play the same role as Asher, Failsafe, and Devrim do in their respective worlds. The Lighthouse will be the new social space on Mercury.

While new gear was not discussed in this stream, they did mention that we will see more ancient Egyptian style clothing. Our characters can reach the light level 25 and power level of 330, 335 with mods.


After we defeated Ghaul in the Destiny 2 campaign, the Traveler awakened and spread its light through our solar system and past our galaxy. That burst of light is what the Vex had been waiting for and a few months later an ancient Vex gate on Mercury opened up.

The Vex turned Mercury into a machine-world, the center of Mercury is nothing but Vex tech. We can travel to the core of Mercury which will be known as the Infinite Forest. Inside the Infinite Forest are ‘trees’ which are really giant monuments that will allow us to see different times, future and past. Changes in time will also expose different threats for us, along with present day Vex we will also battle Precursors and Descendants, which we dealt with in the Vault of Glass. The remainder of the Red Legion have settled on Mercury after escaping the Almighty.

As the story unfolds, we will get to know Osiris better and know what he and the Vex are after.

Raid Lair:

curse of osiris

We will not be getting a new raid, but we will be getting a modified one. The Raid Lair will still take place on the Leviathan, but it will not play out as the original raid. It is meant to feel new and we get to explore more of the giant ship.

It will be a six player raid, with a new boss, new places to see, as well as new higher level gear. The Raid Lair will be shorter than the original raid which may be useful for those who cannot spend consecutive hours playing.

In the stream, we were not shown any part of the raid, however this time we will start the raid from underneath the ship.

You can start this raid when you are ready, you will not have to complete the campaign in order to play it. You also do not have to play the original raid in order to play the Raid Lair. However, the developers did mention that the Raid Lair is challenging, and a Prestige mode will be added on eventually. There is no date for when the Raid Lair will release, but it will be a few weeks after the release of Curse of Osiris.

Some other information was shared which will be elaborated on in later streams. The heroic strike playlist will be back and Bungie has created a very large public event. Also, lost sectors will no longer appear on the map until campaign mode is completed.

This was the first out of three streams for the Curse of Osiris Reveal. The next will be about different activities we will get to play and the new public event on November 21.