Destiny 2 Expansion I Curse of Osiris Reveal Trailer


After a leak earlier this year, the next expansion for Destiny 2 has been confirmed to be named Curse of Osiris. During Sony’s Paris Games Week event, Bungie and Activision treated fans to a trailer highlighting the story of the game’s first expansion. Looks like we will finally have some light shed on the mysterious Osiris.

Ikora narrates the Destiny 2 Expansion I trailer for us since she was Osiris’s student and wishes to unite with him once again. The first expansion of Destiny 2 will focus on Osiris, an infamous Warlock that was once part of the Vanguard. He left for Mercury form The Last City and we have not made contact with him ever since. The closest we have gotten to Osiris’s cult is when we met Brother Vance, a Disciple of Osiris on the Reef in Destiny. While we have visited Mercury in Destiny for certain reasons like The Lighthouse or to acquire the Hammer of Sol, we have not yet had a large playable area.

Osiris is a Guardian who wanted to do things differently, someone who questioned the Traveler’s motives, and someone whose ideologies caused Guardians to have different views on what is really going on. He is known for his obsession with the Vex, about the Vex network, their gates, and their desire to alter reality.

An interesting part of the trailer is the triangle shaped entrances, since one can be found on Nessus in the Cistern region. While the tall monument does not have a purpose for Destiny 2 so far, it may have a purpose for the expansion. The unknown room inside of the monument is related to the Vex, but still has things we have not seen in the series so far. With a knowledgeable person like Osiris who spent years trying to understand the Vex and Destiny 2‘s attention to lore, it seems like we’ll learn a lot about what the Vex are up to. Perhaps like Hawthorne, Osiris may also return to The Last City.

The Destiny 2 Expansion I releases on December 5th.