Destiny 2 Factions: What Are They, and Why Should Players Rally Behind Them


Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy are rallying Guardians to support the cause of their respective Factions, but players can only pledge to one. I want to discuss why Destiny 2 factions are important, as well as point out the information and lore for each.

First off, the representatives of these factions and the Vanguard are part of the Consensus, which is the governing body in The Last City. Although there are many other factions in the The Last City, these three are the most influential.

Dead Orbit

Ghost Scan: This terminal looks like it’s in use as a forum for Dead Orbit folks. About what you’d expect: lots of pictures of people wearing black, and nihilistic poetry.

Ghost Scan: This is weird. Was…someone spying on Arach Jalaal? Some of the papers are signed “Arach” but it’s not Jalaal’s handwriting. I don’t think I’ll ever understand faction politics. 

These Ghost Scans showcase the dark nature of Dead Orbit and some kind of conspiracy. Our ghost believes that someone may have been spying on Arach Jalaal, but the interesting part is that it was signed as “Arach.” “Arach” refers to the title of the leaders of Dead Orbit, so whoever signed that paper could either be referring to Jalaal or another Arach who was spying on Jalaal. We know rivalry exists between the factions so someone else could be noting down Dead Orbits’ plans. If, in fact, another Arach is spying on Jalaal, then there may be some distrust within the faction leadership.

Dead Orbit believes Earth and our solar system is a lost cause. Arach Jalaal explains that we must leave and explore other systems and discover new stars. I could understand this if the Traveler was just sitting above The Last City, like in Destiny, because it didn’t do anything for us after we received its Light. However, now that the Traveler is awake, would it be reasonable to leave it behind? Arach suggests we must leave this place behind and reach for greatness beyond our star. We can spread our humanity across the galaxy and secure the survival of the human race by leaving this dead planet.

It is a good point. The Darkness will once again come for the Light. The Traveler will always attract enemies and The Last City will always be in danger. It seems reasonable that we leave Earth and find a place where the Darkness cannot find us.

Future War Cult

Ghost Scan: I think someone from Future War Cult is hoarding a secret stash of tech, here. I’m um..not trying to be vague. I have no idea what half this stuff does. Lakshmi sure does love her secrets. 

Secrecy is one of Future War Cult’s attributes. The representative for FWC is an Exo named Lakshmi-2 and even she is a mystery. No one knows where she is from or what her past is. FWC is very technologically advanced due to their experimentation with Vex equipment and attempts to see the future. This secret stash might just be a part of that, which is why our Ghost cannot tell exactly what it is.

Players learn that the Future War Cult was not always so influential.

Ghost Fragment: The City Age is a transcript from a Consensus meeting which removed the Concordat and let FWC take its place.

The Consensus wanted to focus on combat and war preparations, and FWC was a perfect fit. The Concordat was lead by Lysander and it heavily opposed the Consensus and wished to wage war against the Vanguard.

Lakshmi-2 persuades us that they are the righteous faction, since they predicted the Red War and were prepared for the attack. War is inevitable, so supporting FWC would mean that we are always prepared for whatever new war we have to face.

Ghost Fragment: Future War Cult talks about ‘Subject 23’ entering the Device.

This Ghost Fragment recorded Subject 23 experiencing floating, lights, and a vision that someone had grabbed her. However, that person was her. The Device is too strong, and the displacement of Subject 23’s consciousness puts her in a near death situation. However, the Device does allow her to experience the future. Other records of the Device show that Subjects reported seeing the collapse of the City or the Darkness succeeding.

New Monarchy

Ghost Scan: Hmm. With everyone embracing Hawthorne’s “power to the people” message, maybe they don’t have as much patience for factions like New Monarchy. 

Ghost Scan: I think somebody stole these supplies from New Monarchy! References in the logs to “following Hawthorne’s lead.” I wonder what that means. 

During the Red War, New Monarchy focused on relief efforts in The Last City. Executor Hideo claims that with proper leadership, we can make Earth more glorious than it was in the Golden Age. New Monarchy may believe in the togetherness of people, but Hawthorne’s principles are more likely to reach citizen’s hearts. Since Hawthorne’s followers oppose New Monarchy’s ideology, they may have stolen supplies from them. However, it does not seem likely that Hawthorne would order anyone to steal supplies.

Hideo states that we can rebuild the Golden Age with proper leadership, since Earth is our home. This is pretty much the opposite of what Dead Orbit desires. At Bannerfall, there was a legendary battle between Concordat and New Monarchy. New Monarchy was able to suppress the efforts of the Concordat in order to protect the Consensus. However, New Monarchy does keep an eye out for what the Consensus is up to.

Ghost Fragment: New Monarchy states The Seven Tenets:

  1. To secure walls against enemies.
  2. To protect civilians rights and liberties.
  3. Support the sciences in the City for the rebirth of the Golden Age.
  4. Leading the City technological innovation.
  5. Prevent anyone from disrupting harmony in the City.
  6. Any alliances, compacts, and individuals must have high standards of productivity
  7. Abolish the Consensus by the vote of the Consensus to a have single sovereign leader

These rules give some explanation as to why Hawthorne’s followers might oppose New Monarchy. New Monarchy is focused on legal structure and recreating the Golden Age. The tenets do not seem too bad, except for the last one. It is saying that if the Consensus decides to remove itself, then the people should have a single leader, like a monarch.

Joining A Faction

In short, Hideo wants Earth to be better, Jalaal wants to leave our messy Solar System, and Lakshmi-2 just wants people to prepare for future wars. They all seek to please the Consensus, so each faction tries to create the largest fleet of Guardians.

After hearing each faction’s representatives rallying cry, the player can choose one faction to support. In the name of their faction, they have to participate in Public Events, Crucible, Strikes, Nightfall, Raids, as well as discover rare treasures and destroy enemy supplies. After completing these, the player earns tokens for their faction. So far, no players have received Exotic faction gear from Quests, like in Destiny, but it is something we might see again in Destiny 2. So far, players just have the daily Faction Rally challenges to receive a reputation bundle.