Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal

Today, Bungie held a reveal event to showcase their upcoming title Destiny 2. The event, which was streamed across the world for fans to see, exhibits the updated gameplay for the first time. Below are some of the highlights from the reveal.

The Destiny 2 livestream kicked off with a heavy emphasis on giving as much access to all the content to as many players as possible. Previously only 50% of players took place in the raids, which left half of the player based unable to play one of the best parts of Destiny. Bungie took this metric very seriously and announced that they have paid a lot of attention to giving all player the ability to take part in every activity in the game.

Exploring the world has been revamped. Instead of just patrols, there are other activities to take part in. Something notable is that all activities can be initiated without going into orbit so that players can get to the action faster. Adventures, treasure maps, and new characters can be found around the world and contain unique rewards. A new map has been included to help players easily navigate all of the new activities in Destiny 2. There will be four new worlds to explore: Earth (after the destruction of the tower), Io, Titan, and Nessus.

Destiny 2 Last Call TrailerDuring the early events of the game, Gauhl (a Cabal warlord) brings the red legion to assault Earth. Bungie makes note that there has never been an enemy that guardians couldn’t topple, but now there is finally a force that the guardians can not handle. Once Gauhl destroys the tower, he imprisons the traveler causing all the guardians to loose their light. The destruction of the tower, and all of the gear in it, as well as the loss of light level is the reason that gear and light level do not carry over from the first game.

There have also been a lot of tweaks to player interaction including the addition of more intricate clans. Clan communication has been integrated into the game itself, instead of most of the communication taking part outside of the game. Guided Games allow solo players to find clans currently taking part in an activity that need an extra player, and lets the solo player fill that slot. This can happen for raids, strikes, activities, and more.

Destiny 2 comes out September 8th, three years and one day after the release of the original Destiny, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, and PC. Bungie will also be hosting an open beta later in the summer so fans can check out the game before release.