Destiny 2 Quests And The Stories For Each Planet/Moon


After finishing Destiny 2‘s campaign story, I look forward to doing Quests because they are relevant to either the main story or the lore, sometimes both. While the quests didn’t have much to do directly with the Red War, they took the story of Destiny 2 up a few notches. There is one World Quest on Nessus, Io, Titan, and European Dead Zone and each has really enhanced the Destiny 2 story. 

I’ll be going into detail about the stories so expect SPOILERS!

Nessus: Exodus Black

I particularly loved doing the World Quest on Nessus because of Failsafe’s history. We go around looking for the dead bodies of Failsafe’s crew members from Exodus Black, but we are on the hunt for Captain Jacobson specifically. If you read over the Grimoire cards or remember their introduction from Destiny, you must be familiar with what happened during the Golden Age of humankind. The Golden Age occurred way before the time period that Destiny takes place in. It’s the time when humankind explored and settled beyond Earth. The locations in our Solar System which we patrol were created by people from the Golden Age, yet we barely know much about the people.

We’re finally given a better way to learn about what had happened during the Golden Age without having to look at a Grimoire card. What made this Quest so much more interesting was that we met a harpy that was friendly and took us to the dead captain in the end. At first sight, I noticed that the harpy had a blue light instead of red, this friendly harpy gives more complexity and character to our enemies. The harpy carries some of the captain’s memories and is barely able to communicate with us. In order to prove ourselves, it presents a test to us when we reach the Sunken Cavern, but its a Vex trap. Here my suspicion grew about the friendliness of this harpy, but I was proven wrong and we link with the harpy.

The harpy is able to open up about Captain Jacobson. In a feminine voice, it spoke in first-person as Captain Jacobson and seemed to recognize Failsafe’s voice. Failsafe may be an AI, but showed so much joy when hearing the harpy. The harpy leads us to his dead body and we hear the last voice log the Captain made. He explains that him and his crew hoped to colonize beyond our Solar System. I thought the cause of his death had to be the Vex since he mentions that the “machines here are closing in”, but then he said he thinks that they want to study him. Perhaps it was Vex’s first encounter with a human and wanted to learn more about us, and this may be the reason that harpy saved Captain Jacobson’s memories.

Io: King’s Shadow

Ikora gives us a quest to discover what the Taken are up to and why they are infiltrating the Pyramidion. The Pyramidion is a machine the Vex created to take control of Io and to make it a machine-world. The reason why the Taken were so eager to get a hold of the Pyramidion was to create a larger Taken army by acquiring the Vex Collective Mind. They wanted to capture the Vex on Io and eventually take over the Vex civilization. To Ikora’s surprise, they are still able to transform their enemies into Taken without the power of Oryx.

The Taken are capturing and paralyzing the Vex under their blights, which emit a cage of darkness. Things didn’t seem that bad, the Vex were trapped and we had to free them and then kill them. Been there done that, right? No, things do get worse, these not-so-harmful blights begin to engulf the Vex and turn them into the Taken. We thought we saw the end of the Taken after defeating Oryx and so did Asher Mir. Asher claimed that overtaking the Vex would be “suicidal” for the Taken due to the fact that the Vex Collective Mind is too powerful and the Taken would not be able to handle it.

The Vex may seem like they are simply robotic killing, and portal building, machines but they are more intricate than that. The glowing center part of their body is the organic and conscious part, and their metallic frame is just a vehicle. Finally, we confront and defeat Ir Arok, Tongue of Quria who wielded the power to create more Taken. One issue with this quest was that it doesn’t explain who or what Quria is.

According to the lore, Quria is an Axis Mind Hydra that allowed the Vex to enter Oryx’s realm through their complicated network; Oryx defeated Quria to understand its complexities. This lore may have been the reason a random Taken Hydra called Erosus, Spawn of Quria spawned while fighting Ir Arok. This was shocking for me since I had only seen a Taken Hydra in the Taken King story. After the death of Oryx, there wasn’t much going on in Destiny involving the Taken. Destiny 2 revived their story. The Taken are still very much together and organized, even after their king was defeated.

Titan: Enemy Of My Enemy

Destiny 2_20170928183326

On Titan, we need to restore the rig that had been abandoned for so long. Both the Hive and Fallen have infiltrated the place. The quest begins with Sloane asking us to clear out the Fallen because they threaten the stability of rig. The first part of the quest is straightforward: we kill enemies and retrieve Fallen data which shows that there is a methane reactor. This reactor will come in handy for Sloane in order to get the place up and running entirely.

The most significant part of this Quest is Mithrax, the Forsaken. Mithrax is a Captain from the House of Dusk and he is trying to get ahead of us in order to get the reactor before we do. On our chase, we come across Golden Age security checkpoints that are somehow active. We finally caught up to Mithrax and his Vandals, but to only to find them trapped in a barrier. If it wasn’t for our clumsy ghost (who managed to lock us up and let the Mithrax free) we would have gotten to the reactor first. Afterwards, our ghost has an interesting conversation with Sloane about Mithrax’s motive. According to Sloane, the Fallen will attach the reactor to a Servitor for better Ether production, since the Fallen feast on Ether.

The highlight of this Quest is the last fight. We finally reach the reactor, but before we can send it to Sloane, we witness a Knight named Golthor, the Sublte and Mithrax fighting for the reactor. Here we have two options, we kill Golthor and Mithrax or we kill Golthor and let Mithrax live. I let Mithrax live and he said a few words in his language and then disappeared. It seems the Hive were after the reactor as well because they may have wanted to destroy it. The Hive need to be destructive because their Worms require that to survive.

Perhaps the Mithrax was thankful for killing Golthor and also because defeating the Hive is not only our goal but also the Fallen’s. This is a reminder for us to not think of our enemies as being so simple minded because they really are just as complex as our civilization. Even our ghost mentioned that this particular Captain is different and more clever than the others. 

European Dead Zone: Enhance!

Finally in the European Dead Zone, Devrim Kay tells us to conduct research about the House of Dusk and asks if we’ve noticed any strange Fallen nearby. House of Dusk tends to have purple and gold armor and the Marauders with cloaks and Wretches with their staffs  haven’t been seen before with the Fallen. Also, those creepy Vandals that scurry around on their four legs send chills up my spine.

The Quest starts off with us finding Ether samples to understand why some of the Fallen have a purple glow around their body. I noticed that those glowy Fallen have the title ’empyrean’ (which is used to describe something that’s ethereal) in their name. That glow is meant to make the Fallen stronger than the typical Fallen enemies. Using stolen Cabal technology, the Fallen were able to build electromagnetic barriers to become undetectable while they conspire.

However, the main reason they were using Cabal technology was to make Enhanced Ether. The Enhanced Ether allowed them to have this purple glow and allowed the Servitor to shield enemies near it. This reminded me of the Taken using their power to shield others. Basically, our goal in this Quest is to prevent the production of Enhanced Ether.

Destiny 2 QuestsAs we try to destroy the remaining caches, the Red Legion quickly decides to crash the party and fight to take back their tech. We’re Guardians, we shut the party down and destroyed the remaining Enhanced Ether caches. Still, the Servitor that’s producing the Enhanced Ether needs to be destroyed. We had to enter the salt mines to end this, but SURPRISE there’s Raksil, Archon Priest protecting more caches and distributing the Enchanced Ether. The barrier protecting the caches opens after Raksil is killed and the cores from the caches will be used to lure and kill the Servitor.

Serkuleks, The Fount is a Prime Servitor which means that it’s importance is no less than a deity for the House of Dusk. The death of Raksil and Serkuleks would tremendously impact the strength of the House of Dusk since they are part of the House of Dusk leadership. The Fallen took a hard hit after SIVA failed them, but the collection of Enhanced Ether may have been their way back up.

It wasn’t until The Taken King where we had lore attached to Quests, but Quests have only gotten better with time. Destiny 2 is able to keep the story interesting even after completing the campaign missions. The basis of the Destiny series is their lore, so the game’s storytelling should be the strongest point. Most of the information in the Quests comes from the conversations between our ghost and NPCs. Visually, the purple glow, the taken blights, the blue harpy, and the Captain sneaking away adds depth to the story and our enemies. I’ve always been a fan of Quests whether its to acquire a weapon or for the lore, its icing on the cake.