Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Reawakens Eris Morn, the Moon, and Old Enemies

The year 3 standalone-expansion for Destiny 2 titled Shadowkeep will take Guardians back to the haunting Moon. This will also kick off the Season of the Undying.

A new trailer shows Eris Morn describing defeated enemies like Crota and Ghaul being brought back as Nightmares by the Darkness. The reason why this is happening is unknown for now.

The Moon is designed to be even darker and daunting than it was in Destiny. With the re-vamped Moon map twice the size as the original, there will be new things to discover paired with the excitement of nostalgia. One of the most obvious changes to the map is the tall enemy citadel tower seen in the trailer which seems like it will play a crucial role. Players will also revisit the Black Garden from the Destiny campaign, but this time it will be the setting for a new Raid.

Just like The Dark Below expansion in Destiny, Eris Morn will be at the forefront of Shadowkeep. She disappeared when the Red Legion attacked, but she is back to help humanity fight off a new disturbing threat. Similarly to how Mara Sov’s lore was detailed and explored in Forsaken, Eris Morn will get the same type of attention.

Players will not need past expansions to play Shadowkeep so it can be considered a standalone game. However, pre-ordering Shadowkeep will give players Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is now available for pre-order for $35 and it will launch on September 17, 2019. New Light, the new free-to-play option, will also be available on launch day.

Published by Saniya Ahmed

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