Next major Destiny 2 update is set for tomorrow, March 27

destiny 2 update

Destiny 2’s last update for Season 2 takes place tomorrow, March 27, and it brings changes to sandbox and Crucible.

The weekly Crucible playlist will have Rumble, Mayhem, and Iron Banner that cycle out every week. Iron Banner will return to 6v6. This playlist will be available to all players. Here is the calendar of the start dates for each game mode:

Mar 27: Rumble
Apr 3: Mayhem
Apr 10: Iron Banner
Apr 17: Rumble
Apr 24: Mayhem
May 1: Iron Banner

Another change coming to PvP is a penalty for quitters in Competitive Playlists. Many people had complained about the vast amount of players that leave Survival or Countdown in midst of a match. In a Competitive playlist, new players are not added to the teams, which often leaves those remaining in an unfair situation. The penalty is a 30 minute timeout for anyone who repeatedly leave matches.  

Repetition reduction applies to Exotic weapons and armor, Crucible maps, and strikes. This way players do not feel unrewarded after receiving the same Exotic gear and will have a variety of maps to play on.

Bungie’s security team will also be looking in to detect cheaters more quickly with the 1.1.4 update, there is more to come from the security team in the next update.

Other minor changes are viewing vendors through the Companion application, ammo and tuning gameplay in Crucible. Also, the last update included scoring for Nightfall and high-score tracking, and this update will add unique rewards for Nightfall Strikes. Different enemy bosses will have different gear drops that are based on them. Unique rewards can be collected after completing Nightfall strikes at any difficulty. A Challenge Card modifier will allow you to increases your chances.

The Destiny server maintenance will start at 9 AM PDT and go till 11 AM PDT. At 10 AM PDT players who are still in the game will be sent to the title screen and the update 1.1.4 will be ready to download.

The next major update will take place sometime in May during Season 3, Bungie will give more information next month.

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