Destiny 2’s Season of The Drifter ViDoc Reveals New Content


Bungie’s new ViDoc reveals content coming in the Destiny 2 Season of The Drifter update. The update has something for everyone, but a bit more is reserved for players with the Annual Pass.

First, keep in mind, this season will bring a Power increase. If you are nowhere near the Black Armory max Power 650, The Drifter will offer Power Surge Bounties which will shoot you up to Power 640.

Free Update

For those of you who do not have the Annual Pass, the free update will give you a handful of things to do. You will get Gambit private matches and new maps, on Titan and Mars. You will be able to access new lore, triumphs, also new rank and vanity rewards. There will be an Exotic Quest for you too.

The free update also includes 2 new seasonal events, Arc Week and The Revelry.

Annual Passbungie vidoc

For the Annual Pass holders, there will be endgame content. In addition to the free update, there will be another Exotic Quest and even more lore and triumphs to discover. There is another activity called Allegiance Quest which is for the returning Destiny 1 weapon, Thorn!

Gambit Prime

However, the main attraction is Gambit Prime. This is an even intense form of Gambit which only lasts for 1 round.

A crucial mechanic in Gambit Prime is the Gambit Prime armor. The game mode specific armor set allows players to take on different roles:

  • Reaper, Scythe of Destruction: Focused on killing enemies.
  • Collector, Commander of the Dark: Collects and deposits motes.
  • Sentry, Impassable Wall: Focused on taking down Taken.
  • Invader, Lethal Assassin: Invade the opposing team.

The armor will have a glowing snake decal in different colors assigned to different roles. Also in Gambit Prime, players can hurt the opposing team by draining their opponents’ motes. 

The Reckoning

A teleporter takes you to the Plains of The Nine for a brutal PvE mode. It is meant to be a fast-paced and challenging game mode which starts off at Tier 1, then Tier 2 and Tier 3 will unlock later.

From Reckoning, you will get armor for Gambit Prime.


The Season of The Drifter dives deeper into The Drifter’s lore. Finally, players will get to know what that giant ball attached to The Drifter’s ship is.

Also, The ViDoc reveals that there is some connection between The Drifter and The Nine. In a short conversation between the Emissary of the Nine and The Drifter, The Drifter claims he is no longer a Dredgen. This is a little kick start towards unraveling the mysteries surrounding him. If you thought that was surprising, in one scene, The Drifter is having a little chat with Xûr.

Consequently, when next season launches, Xûr Bounties will be called Invitations of The Nine. These Invitations are meant for “exploration of the Nine and their mysterious place in the universe” according to Bungie.

Season of the Drifter launches on March 5.