Destiny's Strikes to be Changed for the Better in The Taken King


The Taken King’s release is less than two weeks away, and the game is seeing some changes, hopefully for the better. Taking to Twitter was the game’s executive producer, Mark Noseworthy, who stated that Strikes are being rebalanced.

“Playing consecutive Vanguard Strikes creates a streak bonus, giving extra rep and better loot drop chances until you return to orbit.”

This is great news for Destiny enthusiasts, as extra rep and better loot makes for a much better gameplay experience. Noseworthy also revealed that the merchant Xur, who shows up weekly on Friday mornings and sells exotic weapons and gear, will be selling an item called “Three of Coins”, which will increase the player’s likelihood of getting an exotic item when they defeat a boss. With exotic items seeming more accessible in The Taken King, it will be interesting to see how the game is balanced to counteract this.

The Taken King will be released on September 15.

Source: Twitter, Twitter