Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has Microtransactions

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is likely one of the most anticipated releases this year. Those who kept up with the coverage of the game, would know that Deus Ex was coming with a leaderboard chasing arcade mode called Breach Mode. This mode has the player stealing data from servers in an online plane under a time limit. This would award you with credits, which you can use to buy booster packs, containing weapons, ammo, modifiers and Praxis kits. With a booster pack system, microtransactions could only be an inevitability.

And, as expected and reported, they are there. However, this may have gone a little further than some would hope. It is possible to buy packs of credits and Praxis kits in the main story of the game. See below the pricing of these microtransactions.


UK Deus Ex Prices


deus ex microtransactions us
Credit to Reddit user lordfiSh for the screenshot.

There is still a debate raging on within gaming regarding microtransactions, as to whether they are pro or anti-consumer in their entirety, or whether they can actually be done correctly, with many feeling that cosmetic purchases are completely justifiable, and others disapproving of them in their entirety.

Due to the inherent advantages the currency provides, and that Praxis kits are used to upgrade your augmentations, making you generally more efficient, one could imagine that paying to gain such an advantage is going to be considered an anti-consumer example of microtransactions, especially if it has effected the opportunities of gaining Praxis kits outside of leveling up.