Developer Level-5 acquires Comcept


It seems that Comcept, the developers behind games like Mighty No. 9 and Recore, is getting a second chance as they are being acquired by the Level-5 publishing team. Level-5 has developed videogames such as the Professor Layton series,Ni no Kuni series and many more.

First reported by Famistu and later translated by Gematsu, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino and Comcept founder Keiji Inafune confirmed that Level 5-Comcept team is a combination of the developer’s philosophies. Akihiro Hino and Keiji Inafune seem to have great admiration for each other as Inafune himself said, “I had the feeling that I wanted to be like Hino since around the time I was at Capcom.” Keiji Inafune also confirmed that while the plan is to shutter the old Comcept and merge with Level-5, he won’t abandon any of the current projects they have in development.

Level-5 Comcept is being based in Osaka, Japan. As of now the studio has 15 members but the studio wants to gradually recruit staff here on out to help build the team. The first game being developed by Level-5 Comcept is an Android and IOS game titled Dragon Colonies. Dragon Colonies is a real-time PVP experience in which humans and magical creatures will battle it out as each attempts to develop the strongest settlement or Hacolony as it is referred to in the game. For now details do seem brief but the game is slated to release in Japan in 2018.

This is surprising news seeing the lackluster success Comcept has had as of late. Mighty No. 9 has become infamous for how much of a disappointing it was and Recore did not live up to the hype bestowed on the game. The Comcept team also said that there goal is to make games that show they are in the same league with some of the games Keiji Inafune help produced in the past. Now that is easier said than done, but it is good to see a company like Comcept get a second chance to hopefully create enjoyable experiences for all of us in the near future.