Devil Daggers Review (PC)


Devil Daggers is a blast from the past. For those who don’t know what Devil Daggers is, it is a first person shooter reminiscent of 1990s shooters in terms of gameplay and graphics. It is arcadey, fast-paced, and unbelievably difficult. It has no storyline, but instead a series of challenges that spawn as you progress. Is this new five dollar indie game worth your time? Let’s find out!

The gameplay of Devil Daggers is simple, yet effective. The ability to shoot daggers from your fingertips in spreads and in automatic mode allow for tactical decisions when staring down a horde of demonic skulls chasing after you. Your spread shot can literally launch you off the ground should you choose to aim at the floor and take flight. After you collect enough gems, you can power up and go from shooting a few daggers to unleashing torrents of daggers that will drown smaller enemies in a wave of death. You can even fall off the map which is small enough to present space management as your biggest challenge. This game keeps you on your toes, always succeeding one tough challenge with an even tougher one. It is a very intense game but also one that keeps pushing you to beat your high score again by at least one second. It all plays exactly like you’d want this kind of shooter to play.

Graphically, this game is not what you’d expect from 2016. The graphics are a throwback to the 1990s and they do the job well. If you’re a graphics nut then avoid this at all cost, but if you appreciate spooky art styles and retro graphics then this game is just right for you. The sound effects complement the aesthetic very much. As you power up, the intensity will increase as the sound of what reminds me of a demon screaming blares in your ears. As you shoot more daggers the sound of them leaving your fingers grows louder. If it is possible to match an art style with a style of sound, this game pulled it off. The atmosphere is gripping and the immersion is deep for a game that most players lose within the first 60 seconds.

Unfortunately, there is no story mode or multiplayer functions present in Devil Daggers other than the presence of a global leader board. A story mode could do a game with these mechanics good, in addition to what is essentially the challenge mode that the game is. It is what it is and doesn’t try to be anything more or less.

There is not much to say about Devil Daggers due to its simplicity. Simplicity however, is both its greatest strength and weakness. The entirety of the game’s content proves to be challenging and extremely fun to play. Unfortunately, the lack of content holds the game back from achieving its true potential. It is not revolutionary, but that’s just fine for a game built on the nostalgia from when it was. Devil Daggers is downright fun and I recommend it to everyone with a tolerance for repetition, fans of shooters or not. This game might just surprise you.