Diablo III Greyhollow Island Information Revealed

While Blizzard may not have gone so far as to announce a new expansion for their incredibly popular dungeon crawler at this year’s Blizzcon, players will be glad to know that they are getting something close. In the coming months, the developer intends to release patch 2.4 for Diablo III as the kickoff to Season 5, planning on releasing many new elements for players to explore along with the usual smattering of bug fixes and small balance changes.

While most of the offerings in the past have been improvements made on the randomly-generated Rift dungeons, this update is particularly special in that it adds a brand new zone to the Adventure mode in the form of Greyhollow Island. Accessible through the Act V portion of the game world, this overgrown, vaguely-Lovecraftian marsh promises a new assortment of enemy types based on animal-human hybrids, new Bounties, Events, lore tomes and plenty of loot for players to sift through. All this content is intended to introduce a fresh new location and atmosphere to the greater Diablo III world, dipping into themes such as cosmic horror and eldritch mutations to contrast against the usual fantasy tropes the games have touched upon. More details can be found about Greyhollow Island in this recent Lightning Talk released from Blizzcon.

Also worth mentioning are the other additions included in patch 2.4, including some expanded existing zones, set dungeons, and upgradeable Rifts for the truly masochistic adventurer. The full details on what’s included in the patch (which is currently in a public beta state) can be found here, and the intended release for the general public is lining up to be at some point in mid to late January. While there is no word on another full expansion just yet, the frequent content additions are a good way to keep dedicated players satisfied, and only seem to be getting larger.


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