Gear Up For Diablo III Season 7

Diablo III Season 7

Diablo III Season 7For those that are unaware, Blizzard has been keeping Diablo III fresh and alive with Seasons. This feature is unfortunately not available on console, due to the differences in services and servers. Diablo III Season 7 will be live on August 5, 2016. What is a season in Diablo III? Seasons are a fresh start with some new objectives and exclusive rewards. A season character has no ties to your other heroes. No stashed weapons, gems, legendary items or gold will be available to your new hero, however many new and unique items can drop.

Diablo III Season 7Blizzard has upped it’s game in preparation of Diablo III Season 7 with patch 2.4.2 which will add more challenges for the veterans. Players unlock Adventure Mode upon beating the game. The higher difficulty levels are Torment difficulties I-X (1-10), and it’s been that way for a long time. However, patch 2.4.2 brings us three new levels of Torment for more challenge and progressively better loot. Other changes include a hot key to hide the game’s UI for screenshots, updated and new items for all levels of difficulty and an increase in the rewards of Adventure Mode.

Diablo III Season 7With Diablo III Season 7, the reward system is getting its own tweaks. Some of the balance changes in Patch 2.4.2 make it necessary to change the goals of Season 7. Similarly, unlocking Haedrig’s Gift (a bundle of set items as reward for completing season goals), will be performed differently this time around. Haedrig’s Gift used to be tied to specific season goals, now players need to complete specific chapters of the game. In season 7, the target chapters will be II, III, and IV. For completing Act IV players will also unlock the new Portrait and cosmetic for Diablo III Season 7.

Diablo III Season 7Let’s talk about these rewards a little. Each player can only clam one set per account. That counts for both normal and hard core characters, so choose wisely. Along with the gear, players can also receive a cosmetic pet that looks like a hell unicorn. Good luck and have fun.

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8 thoughts on “Gear Up For Diablo III Season 7

  1. Thanks for the article and nice work! I finally got the expansion as season 7 begins, and It sounds like it will be good! Time to go practice the Crusader class for a couple days, then start fresh on Friday!

    1. Crusader is my favorite! I like to switch between Crusader and Barbarian because they use the same stats, and both make it easy to chain kills. Happy hunting! Also there is a seasonal community for power leveling, if you need some help just ask them!

  2. I’m 50 years old and a casual French player of diablo 3. I’ll gear up for season 7 and try to get to the top brandnew torment 13. I spend time playing game in English cause I love ^playing video games and love learning English. Just getting on the diablo 3 lore, official sites and reading comment and news in English is the best way I can personally figure out to learn a language.
    I can definetely recommend to do the same in a foreign language for you guys – such as French or Spanish or something – if you want to try it out that way.

    1. That’s great! Keep it up, your typing is good. I’m glad this great game has helped people in the real world!

  3. lmao, this writer should be fired. first of all, i dont think they have ever played diablo 3. talking about season 7, and they have a picture of just 5 classes. if you do not know what i am talking about, then you just proved my point. for completing act iv, lmao? story mode is dead. everything is adventure now, noob. dude, you are wrong. spreading wrong info. please quit or get fired.

  4. It’s 8/5/2016 and season 7 is not live! So this article is total BS or is their some truths to it?

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