Dishonored 2 Gameplay Elements and Release Date Confirmed


Gameplay footage and a new trailer has been revealed for Dishonored 2. The much anticipated sequel to one of the most well received games of 2012 was shown in greater depth at Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference. The trailer (leaked about an hour before the conference) introduces player to the returning character Emily Kaldwin, who was the young princess players were tasked with saving in the first Dishonored game.

In the trailer (seen below) we see the new setting, Karnaca, as well as a little bit more of The Void, which we’ve seen in great depths in the previous game. Karnaca has the same dirty industrial “charm” that was previously in Dishonored‘s Dunwall, the steampunk capital city. We also see a bit of Emily’s powers, which seem to be much improved in this iteration. The new abilities Emily wields seem to be more primal than the abilities granted to Corvo’s, the previous protagonist of Dishonored. Corvo was confirmed in the announcement to be Emily’s father, giving a final answer to a widely accepted fan theory. It’s been previously announced that you can play as either Corvo or Emily, but the effects this has on the narrative aren’t entirely known.

For an unknown reason, Emily has taken on powers gifted to her by The Outsider, a mysterious arcane entity with black magic abilities who grands skills to characters and watches what they do with them. These powers include the ability to teleport, see through walls, and summon swarms of rats, among others. The developers give the player full control of the game, allowing them to either go through the entire game as a ghost who doesn’t kill a single person, or a figure of death who slaughters every enemy they come across.

The gameplay trailer starts with Emily paying respect to her mother who passed away in the first game. She is consoled by her father Corvo when she finds out that someone is trying to frame her for the deaths of her political enemies. The gameplay goes on to show Emily scaling a building to take out a generator on a roof. A storm quickly takes over and causes not only a change in visibility, but also effects the windmill that is powering the generator. When Emily is discovered by an enemy, you can see how quickly the game can switch from a slow paced stealth game to a frantic action title, as she throws the guard to the ground and shoots him.


Dishonored gives Emily arcane abilities that improve the familiar gameplay. Emily can use skills that cause NPCs to attack each other or forget what they have seen, allowing her to sneak right past them. They also highlight the Domino ability, a skill that takes whatever happens to a targeted enemy and effects the rest of the enemies in the area. All skills in Dishonored 2 are meant to be stacked with each other or used with the environment in mind. Careful thought and preparation can yield incredible spectacles.

Bethesda showed another demo in Dishonored 2 where Emily can move between two different phases of time. Enemies will have to be taken care of in one timeline to affect the other. They don’t expand on the concept much, but there is great potential for depth.

The openness of the original Dishonored has been emphasized even more in its sequel. You will be given many paths and opportunities to sneak or kill however you see fit.

Arkane Studios made a point to mention the new engine (called The Void Engine) they are using the run the game, which will improve the lighting and sounds. They would like the game to feel like a “moving painting” and the technological upgrade was necessary.

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Bethesda announced that the release date for Dishonored 2 is November 11th, 2016, so blink to your nearest game store and set up your pre-orders up quickly! They also note that if you pre-order the Collector’s Edition of Dishonored 2 you will also receive a copy of Dishonored Definitive Edition for free. Supplies will be incredibly limited.