Noctis Warps Into Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Noctis Joins the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Roster

During Sony’s Press Conference at Tokyo Game Show 2017, we got to see a fresh new trailer of 3 on 3 fighter Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The gameplay trailer shows off lots more flashy gameplay featuring our beloved RPG heroes, with the latest addition to the roster being featured in the latter half. Noctis, from the most recent entry in Square Enix’s long-running series – Final Fantasy XV. Check it out below.

As we can see in the short time we spend with the prince, his combat style involves warping around his opponent and attacking quickly. Anyone who has played Final Fantasy XV will be no stranger to this, and given the game’s success, it comes as no surprise that he’s making an appearance.

As well as this reveal, we also got to see 3 characters fighting against giant summon monsters. Are you excited for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? To let us know your thoughts and for more coverage of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, stick around here at Gamer Professionals.

Published by Lewis Mackin

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