The Division 1.2 Patch Is Live

The Division 1.2 patch

The Division has been updated to version 1.2, bringing us a new raid and more anticipated content. Ubisoft’s complete patch notes for The Division 1.2 patch have been published so lets sift through it for the juicy bits.

Hard mode for the Clear Sky Incursion will be unlocked finally. Players will have to reach level 30 and grind out high-level gear to participate in this raid. Designed for a team of four, this is going to offer new challenges and rewards to veterans. However, players will have to wait an extra week for the even more difficult Challenge mode.

Raids aren’t the only thing changing though. In The Division 1.2 patch four new gear sets will be added as well as new activities for PvE. New ‘Search & Destroy’ and ‘High-Value Targets’ missions will be included in the update. This will add some much needed content outside of PvP.

Now for the part everyone is waiting for. The Dark Zone will have some tweaks too. Ubisoft is introducing a new ‘hijack’ feature. If you thought rogues were annoying before, this might make you extra careful when extracting. ‘Hijack’ allows players to cut the extraction rope, spilling the items on the ground and ruining the extraction. If you look at the key mapping, this key is already there but it won’t work until the patch is live. I tried.

With The Division 1.2 patch live, players can expect more quality and quantity loot. This was a big complaint from players that spent far too many hours grinding for end game loot. Matchmaking will also have small changes with the hope to keep players at the max level together. In addition overall handling will be better, regardless of hip fire or if you are in cover.

Falling through the map in Brooklyn should also be fixed. This was a bug that plagued players since launch. These are just the highlights, if you wish to take a look at the patch notes, look here. Ubisoft has acknowledged the lack of end game content in The Division and hopes that the new Incursion and PvE content will draw players back.

Published by Zack Harrington - Associate News Editor

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