The Division’s Newest Glitch

The latest update for Tom Clancy’s: The Division added a slew of new features and tweaks, including a new raid mission, gear sets, and a game-breaking glitch. Through the use of a riot shield, the player can clip their way through a wall, completely bypassing the raid boss and granting access to high-level loot. Ubisoft quickly caught on, and are working on fixing the glitch, but those who utilize the exploit will face retribution. First-time offenders will receive a three-day ban, but any subsequent attempts to use the exploit will result in a lifetime ban.

Of course, people are divided (pun thoroughly intended) on the subject, some say that exploiters do just that: exploit broken games, laying the blame on Ubisoft for not fully finishing their update and leaving broken code in the game. Others say that the punishment is justified, as the glitch is an unintended function of the game, and is thus a form of cheating. While a lifetime ban may seem severe, some Division players are adamant that the punishment should be more heavy-handed. By nature of being a competitive online experience, any upper hand is a significant issue, and should be dealt with appropriately. Having easily-accessible, powerful equipment shifts the metagame, and forces players to seek out any possible advantage to remain competitive.

This whole sequence of events showcases just how important proper quality assurance is, particularly in a game like The Division. Players have every right to be bitter about the consequences of this glitch, but the fact of the matter is that such a major exploit should not have been accessible in the first place.