DJMAX Respect to Head West


The rhythm genre runs across a rather diverse range, from platformers like HarmoKnight to twin-stick shooters like Beat Hazard. For ardent genre fans though, the allure of a traditional-style rhythm game like DJMAX is hard to resist. Fortunately, Neowiz Games has confirmed the release of DJMAX Respect across all regions for next year.

Though the franchise has been dormant for some time, Respect is set to serve as a celebration of its history. The last full-fledged title to see release was Technika Tune, which launched exclusively for the Vita in 2012. For the unfamiliar, DJMAX uses a simple (in theory) gameplay system, tasking players with hitting the corresponding buttons in time with the music. With up to 8 individual button inputs available, and the frenetic pace of the soundtrack, the difficulty can ramp up incredibly quickly. It’s frequently compared to the arcade classic Beatmania in terms of layout and gameplay.

DJMAX Respect will launch with over 100 songs pulled from the catalogue of DJMAX Portable and its sequel. Additional tracks from the franchise’s history will be available as DLC in the post-release period. It’s set to maintain the classic DJMAX gameplay style, with additional elements including 2-player co-op and online multiplayer.

While no official release date has been confirmed, DJMAX Respect is set to launch exclusively for the PS4 in 2017.