Doomfist will debut in Overwatch next week

Doomfist is finally making his long awaited debut next week in Overwatch for all platforms.

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Doomfist has been a fan favorite in the Overwatch lore and has been rumored for a while to be added to the game. Doomfist was previously released on the PTR on July 6th. Now, on July 27th, he will be playable on all platforms in Overwatch, much to fan’s delight. If you did not know, he will be an offensive character just like Genji, McCree, Pharrah, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Sombra and Tracer. Doomfist is the fourth downloadable character added to Overwatch since its release in May of 2016. The other three downloadable characters added since release are Sombra, Orisa and Ana.

Doomfist has a variety of different abilities for you to use. His hand cannons fire short-range bursts from his knuckles with ammo automatically regenerating over time. His seismic slam allows him to jump forward and smash the ground, kicking nearby enemies toward him. If an enemy is close, you can opt to use his rising uppercut. When charged, his Rocket Punch knocks an enemy back which deals extra damage if that enemy hits a wall. Doomfist’s ultimate attack, Meteor Strike, prompts him to leap into the sky and crash into the ground causing massive damage to nearby enemies. He has 250 health with a max shield of 150. Overall, it sounds like Doomfist will be an extremely powerful, yet fun, character to play as. He makes another worthy addition to Overwatch’s unique cast of characters.

Blizzard also released a Hero Preview video of Doomfist which outlines his powers and gives background to his development and design. Doomfist will be free and will be released on all platforms simultaneously on July 27th (which is next Tuesday) so get ready for more Overwatch action. What characters do you hope will be added to Overwatch in the future?  Stay tune to anything Overwatch or gaming related here with Gamer Professionals.

Published by Justin Carey

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